Handy rope care tips for climbers

Use a rope regularly and it’s going to wear, we don’t have to tell you this, it’s something you can work out for yourself. Take precautions though and you’ll extend the life of a rope and ensure it’s safe to use when you go climbing, these are our care recommendations for rope used for climbing purposes.
Keep it protected when not in use – Invest in a good quality rope bag to keep your lines in great shape. Specialist nylon bags will make it easier to carry the rope around and they’ll keep your rope cleaner and away from the elements when it’s not in use. Rope bags open out to give your line extra protection when it’s lay on the ground prior to a climb, without one it’s simply lay in the dirt.
Avoid snagging the rope on sharp edges – Rope is sure to wear if you let it rub against sharp rock faces so try to keep the rope running as free as possible. Use slings and other accessories to keep the rope free from jutted ridges, rubbing and scrubbing will start to take its toll on the rope after a while.
Don’t trample on the rope – Stepping on rope is a huge no-no too, this will damage the fibre, trample dirt into the core and generally cause the line undue wear and tear. The odd incident every once in a while isn’t too damaging, avoid stepping on the rope frequently though if you want it to last.
Give TLC from time to time – There’s nothing wrong with washing your rope from time to time, let’s see how clean you get the sheath. Use lukewarm water to hand wash the rope with a little soap, or pop it into a mesh bag inside your washing machine and clean on a cool temperature. Let the dry naturally afterwards out of sunlight and it’ll be cleaner the next time you climb.  
There you go, simple rope care tips for climbers, have fun the next time you attempt a different rock face.

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