Definitive Guide to Paracord

What is Paracord?

The most widely recognised and well-known type of paracord is the 550 paracord, given its name as it has been tested to hold the weight of 500lbs. The 550 paracord is made up of five or seven strands with a nylon outer layer, giving it strength and durability. The original use for this piece of rope was to suspend parachutes yet is now considered an all-purpose provision in most survivalist packs. Paracord is also used to fulfil a variety of purposes, with many taking the simple bit of kit and creating many items.

Uses of Paracord


There are a variety of differing knots, braids and weaves used in paracord projects, with new designs continually being introduced by those interested in paracord design. It can be a difficult idea to get your head around so here are a few examples of commonly used products:

Centred stitch weave

Centred Stitch Weave

The Stitch design of this paracord bracelet is like no other, an incredibly interesting piece. The use of string can allow you to incorporate different colours and

designs to your centred stitch weave bracelet.

Dragons Tongue

With the use of two different coloured paracords, the dragon’s tongue can offer quite the bracelet. Slightly more difficult than the other paracord bracelets shown here, you may have to practice the others before attempting this difficult design.

Zipper weave

The zipper weave bracelet is certainly among the cleanest and most stylish bracelets produced form paracord.


45% of the UK population own a pet, with dogs leading the way with 26% of households housing a dog. If you own a pet you will be aware of how expensive they can be, so why not create your own collar, leads and toys. Paracord pet projects can save your household a fortune, help you learn a new skill and give your pet hours of enjoyment.

Dog Collar

Paracord provides the ideal material for dog collars, providing an easy to take on and off collar without the necessity of unclipping a leash.

Dog Toys

If your dog is regularly ruining cheap toys with ease, costing you a fortune, why not make your own durable alternative? Dogs love to bite and chew and a paracord made toy is the ideal way to entertain your pet.

For Fun

Paracord projects don’t all have to be about making necessary equipment for everyday life or survival. The skills you have learned will give you ample opportunity to create fun little gifts for friends and yourself.

Paracord Wallet

Paracord Wallet

The idea of creating a wallet using paracord is an unusual but very practical and interesting project. Use more than one colour to create some interesting patterns.

Laptop Case

In the modern era, almost everyone owns and regularly uses a laptop. Whether it be for office work, student life or even just browsing on social media, many people carry them throughout the day. The practical and stylish case is certainly one to try!

Pen Holder

Paracord - Pen Holder

Most people use an old mug or cup as their desk pen holder, but with paracord, you can have your very own bespoke pen pot. A practical item that is fun to make!


Paracords original purpose, and most recognised is the survival assistance it can give you. When intact, paracord has many survivals uses, if you unweave the threads of the cord, the uses extend further.


Paracord injury Assist

Paracords are an excellent yet simple tool to have that can assist the injured. When professional medical attention isn’t an option, getting creative with paracord may be your best chance at survival. Paracord threads can act as a suture, splint, sling, rescue line and even a makeshift stretcher.

Self Defence

When in the wilderness, self-defence is one of the most important components to survival. You should be protecting yourself from the elements and potential predators. Paracord can be quite simply used to create tripwires, handcuffs, stone throwing sling and monkey fist.

Hunter & Gatherer

Although staying safe is key to survival, ensuring you have enough food is of paramount importance when in the wilderness. Paracord can be of great assistance when gathering food, it can be used as a makeshift fishing net, fishing line and as a snare or trap.


Paracord can make your life at home that little be easier with several knots and braids producing some unbelievable projects.

Cable Wrap

Cables are often easily breakable and the amount that we charge our phone nowadays causes them to break easily. Using paracord to wrap your cables will make them much more durable and give them a distinct quirky look.


Coaster Paracord

Creating your own paracord place mat and coasters will give a real individual look to any dining room setting. Along with saving money, you can decide the exact colour scheme and pattern you would like your place settings to be.

From the above you can see that paracord can be used for varying purposes, and we haven’t even covered the half of it! Think you could create some of the projects we have displayed here? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts on 01692 671721 to find out more about the paracord we have available to you.

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