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Gymnasium ropes and creating jungle gyms for the kids

Did you know, kids need at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise per day?

In the era of smartphones, tablets and video games, making sure they get those daily 60 minutes can feel like an impossible challenge. And prising them away from ‘screen time’ is no easy feat – but it’s still important to try.

You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of keeping active – from physical health to mental health and everything in between. The question is: how do you encourage little ones to get up, move and discover the outdoors

– when there’s so much to entertain them indoors?

A jungle gym (of course!).

Jungle gyms and gymnasium ropes from Ropes Direct

Customised to suit their age and interests, an outdoor play gym – fitted with gymnasium ropes and acrobatic equipment – is a great way to entice them outdoors. Providing endless hours of old-school fun, whilst also benefiting their physical, emotional and motor development.

Here at RopesDirect, our ‘Play is Fun!’ collection has a range of equipment that’s perfect for the job. All affordably priced, safe and easy to install. So why not take a look at what’s on offer? Pick out a few components and create a DIY jungle gym to keep your kids active this summer.

Kids’ gym equipment at RopesDirect

The key to a successful gym for kids is making sure it’s something they’ll actually enjoy. So before you start adding gymnasium ropes and trapeze apparatus to your basket, perhaps ask them to put down the console (just for a few minutes!) and help you and have their say in your new garden space?

We have a wide range of options available, but these are just a few of our best-sellers:


1. Climbing ropes – £40.50 – £51.96

Gymnasium ropes available at RopesDirect

Why not kick things off with some simple gymnasium ropes?

We have two versions available: knotted and unknotted. Both of which are made from 26mm synthetic hemp – making them suitable for outdoor use – and come pre-fitted with a galvanised steel ring for easy installation.

Whichever one you choose, they’re the perfect option for adventurous kids who love to climb – providing lots of outdoor enjoyment, whilst also giving their entire body a workout and improving their upper body strength.

Sounds like a win-win to us!


2. Rope ladders – £45.42 – £63.54

Rope ladder for an outdoor jungle gym - gymnasium ropes at RopesDirect

A rope ladder is a failsafe choice for a jungle gym. They may seem pretty basic. It’s just a few wooden rungs and a length of rope, right? But they’re a huge hit with kids of all ages – particularly if added to a treehouse or rope obstacle course. And climbing up and down is a fantastic all-round form of exercise.

Our range features a variety of sizes, including five, six and seven rung designs. These come fully pre-assembled – which means there’s no need to worry about putting the components together and ensuring the rungs are safely knotted in place. The ladder will be ready to be installed onto your climbing frame and enjoyed straight away.


3. Acrobatic ropes – £25.32 – £55.74

Acrobatic and gymnasium ropes available at RopesDirect

Acrobatic ropes are another brilliant choice. After all, what kid doesn’t love hanging upside down?

They do take a little getting used to, especially for younger children. But as an alternative to the traditional swing, they add an exciting element to your climbing gym – guaranteed to put a huge smile on the face of a budding gymnast, whilst providing hours of fun exercise and building their upper body strength.

We have a selection of trapeze ropes and gym rings to choose from, including wooden and plastic designs. All of which can be adjusted to suit the size of your climbing frame. And thanks to their durability, will endure many years of outdoor acrobatics.


Outdoor gym for kids - gymnasium ropes at RopesDirect

Keeping your child safe

Your child’s safety is the no.1 priority. Which is why, all of our kids’ gym equipment is manufactured in line with strict safety standards and approved for domestic use. Each piece is made from synthetic hemp gym rope – which is strong yet soft to touch – and capable of supporting users weighing up to 70kg (11 stone).

What’s more, they’re all very straightforward to install.

Multiple ‘how to’ guides can be found throughout our website, including on our ‘Play is Fun!’ page and blog – with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to hang all of our gymnasium ropes safely and securely. So be sure to give these a read before you start.

Create your ultimate outdoor play area with gymnasium ropes at Ropes Direct

And lastly, if you do have a go at creating an outdoor jungle gym using our products, be sure to let us know how it goes. We’d love to see a photo of the final result and learn whether it actually manages to entice the kids outside!

Either tag us on social media using @RopesDirect, email us directly via or submit a testimonial – and tell us kiddos’ verdict!


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