Clever uses for twine

 Did you know our sisal twine is perfect for packaging? Wrap a parcel in brown paper for example and you can secure the paper in place simply by tying twine around the outside.

Twine is strong and tough, it’s a durable product and with a little bit of imagination you can use it for a number of different applications. 

Just for fun, we’ve thought of a few ways to use twine at Ropes Direct, try our suggestions and get real value for money from a ball of string.

  • Create a tomato trellis – Twine makes a brilliant DIY trellis. Build a wooden frame, tie twine inside the frame running up and down and you have the perfect base to clip tomato vines as they grow. The string is secure, the tomato stems are safe and the whole operation costs peanuts to set up.
  • Make a banner – Want to decorate a room in time for a party? Make a DIY banner, use twine for support and attach triangles of card, paper or cloth to the front. Unleash your creative skills and tailor the banner for a special celebration, it’s a cheap way to create an eye-catching feature.
  • Gift wrap a present – Would you normally use twine to gift wrap a special type of present? Maybe not but there’s nothing wrong with using string as a wrapping accessory. Coloured twine adds a little cheer to gift wrap, it’s a funky feature to tie up loose paper, pop a bow on the top and away you go!
  • Fill a tree with festive decorations – Desperate to get into the festive spirit but working with a tight budget? Make your own decorations. Hang paper angels, snowmen and handmade Santas from the tree. It’ll put you in the holiday mood if you make your own deccies and the only material you need to hang the decorations is a little loop of twine.   

Can you think of fun things to do with twine?

Tell us your ideas at Ropes Direct. 

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