Wooden Swing Seat with adjustable ropes

Children’s Readymade Pinewood Swings Back in Stock

Children’s treated wooden swing with 12mm adjustable synthetic hemp rope. Ideal for outdoor garden swings when hung from a tree or a timber swing set.

The length of the wooden swing is 2.00m (reducing to 1.20m when shortened)  and the treated pinewood seat has a width of 440mm & depth of 175mm. Distance between the ropes is approximately 350mm.

We use synthetic hemp for its soft feel, strength and durability outside and the top is finished with galvanised steel rings.

If you need some help in securing this childrens swing to a branch we have some extension ropes available, to a beam we have some J swing hooks as well as 12mm synthetic hemp rope that you can buy by the metre. (Hint: buy two lengths and have us cut and properly seal them rather than cutting one in half yourself).

To ensure a happy and bump free life of this childrens swing we suggest regularly checking the condition of the seat, ropes and splice.



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