28mm synthetic sisal rope on GreenMarine

Our Synthetic Sisal (Polysteel) rope in use on the North Sea

32 kilometres off the North Norfolk coast is the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. It generates green, clean energy to power more than 430,000 UK homes.

And powering its way between coast and turbines is “Green Storm”, a crew transfer vessel operated by Green Marine, based in the Orkney Islands.

They kindly sent us some great pictures of our Synthetic Sisal rope in use. It is fitted to “Green Storm” to tie off to the platforms and make transfers safe.

28mm synthetic sisal rope on GreenMarine             Synthetic sisal (Polysteel) from RopesDirect used to tie down a crew boat

Synthetic Sisal is made from Polysteel fibres, and is part of our Polysteel ropes range. Polysteel is around 30% stronger than Polypropylene – it is tough, durable and will not shrink or rot. Importantly for this application, Polysteel keeps its strength when wet, stores wet and floats in water. These are qualities that Vessel Masters appreciate when they are looking after the safety of the wind farm and vessel crews.

28mm synthetic sisal rope used on a North Sea boatWe supply a lot of Polysteel rope for use on boats, on farms and a wide range of heavy duty industrial uses. You can see our full Polysteel range here. Find out more about Polysteel rope in our video: www.youtu.be/ZuWJuPsKQHI

If you work in the marine environment and would like to contact Green Marine to ask about their specialist vessel and engineering services, please head to the Green Marine website.

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