5 ways rope gets you fit

 Rope is such a practical product, we commonly use it to moor boats and it’s handy for securing cargos but did you know rope is really good for fitness too? Right now as you read this blog there’ll be somebody, somewhere working out with a rope, if you don’t believe us read the examples we have compiled in this article, this is how to get fit using rope. 

Rope gym ring set – Gymnasts use ring sets as part of competitions and this really gives your arms a really good workout. Work the ropes and your triceps and biceps are given tons of exercise, gymnasts make the rings look easy, trust us, it’s not!
Skipping rope – Skipping is common in the playground setting but it’s a good workout in the gym as well. Boxers skip, it keeps them nimble on their feet, skipping burns calories and keeps you trim at the same time.
Climbing rope – Mountain climbers use ropes but gymnasts use climbing ropes them as part of routines too. Climb up a rope in the gym and you work your leg and arm muscles, it’s tiring but good for building strength. 
Swinging for fitness – Swings backwards and forwards on a rope swing and this is a good form of exercise too. You can burn up to 200 calories simply by swinging for an hour, or 100 calories if you get bored with swinging after 30 minutes. We’ll cover the different exercises you can do on a swing in one of our later blogs.  
Battle ropes – Have you heard of battle ropes? They are sometimes known as power ropes, combat ropes or simply known as workout ropes. Battle ropes are thick, they’re great for a total body workout and we’ll explain the advantages of this type of exercise in one of our other blogs.
There you go, five ways to get fit with ropes.

Why not buy a reel and get fit whilst having fun? 

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