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5 rope decoration ideas for the garden

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your garden?

Rope may have many practical purposes, but it’s also great for decoration. Its rustic, nautical appearance works particularly well outdoors – and there are many ways in which a simple length of synthetic hemp, jute, manila, or synthetic sisal can be used to smarten up the garden and give it a little added charm. Some people have also used our coloured, polycotton barrier ropes to brilliant effect in the garden.

Here we’ve rounded up just a few of our favourite rope decoration ideas.

These are all budget-friendly projects that you can easily do yourself. So, why not have a go? Just stock up on a few garden ropes, be creative, and send us some photos once you’re done.


  1. Hanging rope lanterns

To create a cosy atmosphere, why not add a few hanging lanterns to your outdoor space? There are two ways to do it. The easiest is to invest in solar-powered garden lanterns and tie these to a tree branch using a thick sturdy rope. Perhaps experiment with different decorative knots or add a pop of colour with some artificial flowers?

Alternatively, you could place a couple of tealights in glass jars and hang these along the fence or garden wall using macramé hanging baskets.

Rope decoration idea Ropes decoration idea


  1. Rope lights

This is pretty similar to the ‘lantern’ rope decoration idea outlined above and is just another lovely way to give your garden a relaxing touch. Either wrap a string of twinkly fairy lights around a length of synthetic hemp and drape them in different areas of the garden. You could even tie them in a spiral around the trunk of a big tree?

Or attach solar lightbulbs to rope and hang these at different heights from a pergola or fence.

Decorative ropeExample of decorative rope for garden


  1. Flowerpots and baskets

Flowers and plants are always a nice way to brighten up the garden. But if you’re fed up with your old terracotta pots, why not give them a chic update with a little bit of rope? Simply start at the base and wind your way up to the top, securing with glue as you go.

It’s also worth checking out our previous blog ‘Small garden ideas that use rope’. This features several other great suggestions for how to use decorative rope and flowers in your garden, particularly if space is limited – including rope flower baskets, vertical rope gardens and kokedama.

Rope decoration idea Kokedama rope decorations


  1. Rose swag

Feeling green-fingered? Why not create a pretty rose swag?

Admittedly, this rope decoration does require a little patience. You’ll need to give the plant plenty of time to grow – so, if you’re looking for a quick fix for a weekend BBQ, it probably isn’t the best option. But if you’re happy to watch the results unfold over the next year or two, it’s one of the best ways to add a beautiful floral feature to your garden.

All you need is a couple of wooden posts, a length of rope, and your favourite climbing rose.

Example of rose swag created with rope Example of rose swag created with rope


  1. Rope swing

Not only are rope swings a huge hit with kids (big and small!), they’re a wonderful way to add a touch of character to the garden. You can either make one yourself, using synthetic hemp and a piece of hardwood timber. Or if you prefer, go for the quick hassle-free option, and buy one ready-made from our ‘Play is Fun!’ department.

Alternatively, you could have a go at making a rope hammock? We have a brilliant step-by-step guide to show you how. All you need is some cotton rope and you can weave together a dreamy garden resting spot in no time.

rope swingRope hammock


Start decorating your garden today

If you’d like to cheer up your outdoor space with some rope decorations and wish to try one (or more!) of our ideas, we have all the decorative garden ropes you need to get started – from high-quality synthetic hemp to durable strings and twines. These are available for a very competitive price and are ready for immediate dispatch. So, why not take a look around?

Spruce up your garden in time to enjoy the sunshine. And keep in mind, we’d love to see the results. Just tag us in your photos on Facebook or Twitter using @RopesDirect.


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