Christmas craft idea using rope

5 Christmas craft ideas using rope

Looking for a way to get into the festive spirit? Or perhaps you need something to keep the kids entertained over the holidays? Then why not try some of our Christmas craft ideas? Rope can be used to create a wide range of festive gifts and decorations. Here we’ve listed just a few to get you started – so, stock up on your rope supplies, put on the Christmas songs, and get creative!

  1. Jute rope decorations

Thanks to its rustic and attractive appearance, jute rope is a fantastic option for making unique decorative items. For example, it could be used to make a festive wreath. Simply wind the rope in circular motions around a Styrofoam ring and secure in place with pins or glue. Finish with a red ribbon bow and a couple of twigs of ivy – and you have the perfect decoration for the front door.

The same method can be used to create a little rope snowman or a mini Christmas tree. It’s your choice. This is a really simple yet fun Christmas craft idea, that will add to your decoration collection.

Christmas craft idea using ropes

  1. Rope jewellery

Sisal twine can be used to make a range of pretty jewellery gifts (without breaking the bank!). This is a great Christmas craft idea for the kids. Just tie a few strands of the twine together with a simple knot and let them thread on as many colourful or glittery beads as they like. It will keep them occupied on a rainy day and they can make a pretty friendship bracelet to gift to their BFF.

  1. Macramé candle holders

Macramé has made a big comeback this year, with more and more people weaving and knotting rope in their spare time. So why not give the activity a festive twist? One idea is to macramé a tealight or candle holder. This can be done using braided cotton and cotton ropes. Even if you’re a beginner, it’s relatively easy to do – and we have a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Once you’re happy with the way it looks, add a small glass vase to the base of the design, pick out your favourite Christmas-scented candles, and find the perfect place for it to hang.

Christmas craft idea

  1. Festive rope sign

One particularly creative Christmas craft idea is ‘rope wall art’. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually quite easy to do – and all you need is a piece of synthetic hemp and pins. Simply twist the rope so that it spells out a festive word or slogan, such as ‘Joy’ or ‘Ho Ho Ho’, and secure in place.

To give it a little sparkle, you could even add fairy lights to the design. Follow the curve of the rope, tacking them in place as you go and affix to the wall in your hallway for all visitors to see.

  1. Christmas rope ladder

A long length of rope is required for this one. Start by folding this down the middle and laying it out in the shape of an upside-down ‘V’. The next step is to attach wooden dowels at regular intervals, gradually increasing their length as you go. This creates the shape of a Christmas tree.

Once the basic structure of the ladder is in place, you can then start to add decoration. Attach baubles, bows, lights, pine cones – the choice is yours. Use your imagination and create something truly unique.

Christmas craft idea

Stock up on your Christmas craft supplies

If you’d like to get creative in the lead up to the 25th, why not stock up on your Christmas craft supplies and give our ideas a try?

Here at Ropes Direct, we stock a wide range of ropes that are perfect for these activities – including jute, sisal twine, cotton, synthetic hemp and more. These are all available for a competitive price and eligible for next day delivery. Browse the full collection, add a few things to your basket and start your first project today.

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