Camping Rope

Camping Rope – Why They Are Useful When Camping

 Camping Rope

There’s been a huge resurgence in the camping industry over the past few years, a growing number of families are searching for cheaper holidays in the UK and a camp site is a cost effective way to spend quality time together.

Planning and preparation is the key to successful camping trips and by having a quantity of rope handy you’ll be prepared for a number of eventualities. This blog examines how useful rope is for camping, read this and you might be bitten by the bug and want to try sleeping outdoors this summer.

Ways that rope is used for camping….
Tying down luggage on roof racks – Go camping and you’ll need plenty of equipment, apart from the tent, airbeds, sleeping bags and cooking utensils, you might want to take a fold-down table, travel chairs and provisions for the week as well. This doesn’t leave much room for luggage in the car. One solution is to use a roof rack, place your luggage on the outside of the vehicle, secure it in place using rope tied by a ‘trucker’s hitch’ which is perfect for securing loads.
Tying down tarps on trailers – Got a towbar on your car? Invest in a small trailer and that’ll make camping trips easier. Pack all your camping equipment into the trailer, throw a tarp over the top and secure the sheet in place using rope tied through the eyelets around the edges. A trucker’s hitch knot might be useful in this situation.
Tying sticks together – To really appreciate life outdoors you have to experience a genuine camp fire and that involves collecting a number of sticks. To make life easier when you go foraging for timber bundle the sticks together and tie them up with a piece of rope using a constrictor knot to keep everything together.
Tying tent poles together –Build your own tent out of wooden poles and you’ll have to find a way of tying the poles so the structure is firm and secure. Rope is the answer and a ‘transom knot’ is a useful way to tie poles at angles, once in place the knot is sturdy and permanent.

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