Blue polypropylene rope

Why is blue polypropylene rope one of our best-selling products?

Great value for money, plain and simple. Blue polypropylene rope is cheap, versatile and durable.

Whether it’s used for securing a load on a lorry, sheets on a building site or crafting a backyard tree swing, the demand for blue polypropylene rope spans a wide spectrum. This is unsurprising, as its unique qualities are proven whenever and wherever it is used, time and again.

Right now, we’ll explore the key features of blue rope, some of its many and varied uses, and why it should be a go-to product for your home or business.


Key features of blue polypropylene rope

There are many reasons why polypropylene rope is so highly regarded by professionals in a wide range of industries.

Here are some of the standout characteristics of this product that have made it so popular with our customers:


  • Strong – It is more than strong enough for most general purpose applications.


  • Lightweight – Blue rope is light, due to its synthetic makeup, and yet it can still bear heavy loads, making it a versatile choice for both professional and casual use.


  • Durable – Blue polypropylene rope stands up amazingly well to wear and tear. It is waterproof (it won’t degrade when wet) and it has a high tolerance to natural UV radiation.


These features ensure our rope maintains its integrity over time, even with regular use and in harsh outdoor environments.

Additionally, polypropylene rope shows good resistance to many chemical solvents, bases, and acids. This is highly beneficial in industrial settings, where exposure to such elements is par for the course.


One of the most versatile ropes on the market

Let’s take a look at some of the key applications of this product:


  • Industrial and construction: In construction and industrial settings, the rope’s strength, lightweight nature, and resistance to chemicals come into play. It’s often used for securing heavy loads, bundling materials for transport, and pulley systems.


  • Recreational activities: For fans of the great outdoors, polypropylene rope’s ability to withstand the elements makes it a reliable and versatile part of your kit. It can be used for anything from securing marquees and tarpaulins to creating makeshift hiking gear, and in water sports.


  • Agriculture and farming: Farmers have long used blue polypropylene rope for tying and securing loads, fences and general purposes.


  • Home and DIY projects: Blue polypropylene rope is a popular choice for many home DIY projects. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it the ideal choice for everything from trailers and tarpaulins to roping-off areas and general repairs. In fact, its applications are only limited by the creativity of the user!


Blue rope at the RopesDirect warehouse


Value for money

Blue polypropylene rope is often cheaper than many of its counterparts, particularly when you consider both the initial purchase cost and long-term value for money.

The manufacturing process of blue rope is generally less expensive compared to materials like nylon or high-quality natural fibres. Polypropylene, being a common plastic, is widely available and costs less to produce.


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