Tonnes and tonnes of blue polypropylene rope
Blue polypropylene rope at RopesDirect

Tonnes and tonnes of blue polypropylene rope

The boss has gone and done it again. He’s bought tonnes and tonnes more blue polypropylene rope.

Just look at it!

And now look at our shelves… we’re not exactly short of it.

WHY did he do it?!

Well, begrudgingly we have to admit he may have a point.

Everybody buys this stuff. It’s the utilitarian go-to rope that’s cheap and cheerful. It’s strong, robust, long-lasting and can be used for a zillion different uses.

He’s also pretty savvy (though we’d never tell him to his face). By buying in vast supplies he makes sure he can sell it to you for as little as possible.  In fact, at the time of writing, he’s been able to decrease the price of 450m reels of blue polyprop for draw cords – – and some other 6mm blue polypropylene products.

But spare a thought for our wonderful warehouse team. Where on earth are they going to put this new blue rope, to make space for everything else we have coming in? The blue polyprop shelves are full to brimming over.

The one saving grace is that as fast as we get blue polypropylene in, we ship it out by the metre, by the reel or by the coil to customers.

So get it while we’ve got it – here’s where to buy blue polypropylene rope from RopesDirect: We promise our prices are seriously competitive and we pride ourselves on superb customer service and fast deliveries.

And we won’t tell the boss you bought any – he’d only order another 10 tonnes!

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