hang glider towed up using hollowbraid polyethylene rope from RopesDirect

When life and limb depend on the right kit…

When life and limb depend on it, you need the right kit for adventures!

So we’re proud that Airways Airsports chose RopesDirect to supply hollowbraid polyethylene rope to tow hang-gliders up into the air. You can see the type of rope they use here: www.ropesdirect.co.uk/hollow-braid-polyethylene.html

Airways Airsports tow hang gliders to about 3,000 feet above ground from Darley Moor Airfield near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

hollowbraid polyethylene rope from RopesDirect used for towing this hang glider   hang glider towed into the air using hollowbraid polyethylene rope from RopesDirect

If you’re not familiar with how it’s done,  there are several ways of launching into the blue. You can use a ground-based winch, a vehicle tow or you can connect the hang glider to a microlight to be towed along the runway, up and away. Then when you reach the right height, you release the tow rope and off you fly.

The 8mm hollowbraid polyethylene rope they chose has a loose construction, which makes for easy splicing. It is also lightweight and durable. Those three qualities make it perfect for aero towing – and indeed for other sports such as waterski-ing.

Senior instructor Judy told us: “This 8mm hollow braid polyethylene is perfect for the job as it can be spliced into itself using friction so there are no knots, or uneven parts that could catch during the release process when the rope runs at high speed through the metal ring at the end of the tow rope.

“The rope is robust and durable – one length of rope lasts for months even though we fly in all temperatures, all year round.”

The views from up above on a crisp autumn or winter’s day are unbeatable. So if you want to try for yourself, give the lovely folk at Airways Airsports a bell and book a trip, or some lessons. A great way to start 2023. www.airways-airsports.com

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