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The ideal barrier rope for your event

Purchase suitable barrier ropes.

If you’re organising an event, this is likely to be just another thing on your very long to-do list – but it’s an important one to get right!

In fact, from the health and safety implications to ensuring the day goes as smoothly as possible, we’d say it’s up there with priorities such as choosing a venue or picking a caterer – especially if you’re expecting a big crowd. And it’s certainly not a case of buying the first rope you find.

Barrier ropes come in all different shapes, sizes, lengths, textures and colours.

Here at RopesDirect, as a leading online supplier, we have a large and varied selection for you to choose from – including not just those in our specific ‘Barrier Rope’ collection, but also several products from our other collections that we believe will do the job just as well.

So our advice to all you busy event organisers?

Before you add a rope to your basket and move on to the next item on your to-do list, set aside just 10 minutes to consider the following factors and make your purchase confidently.


3 things to consider when buying barrier ropes


  1. Budget

This is the biggie; the factor that’s central to all your decisions regarding the event.

How much do you realistically have to spend on crowd control ropes?

Whatever the answer, our online range covers all bases.

If you have a large budget to play with, we’d particularly recommend our PolySilk Barrier Ropes. These are a premium option, only very recently added to our line-up. Super soft to the touch and boasting a luxurious finish, they certainly look the part for exclusive and sophisticated events. In fact, last year, they were even used to create a rope barricade at the ‘Barbie’ London Premiere!

Currently, these are available to buy for £6 per metre (Feb 2024). Or if you prefer, they can be supplied in four standard lengths (1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m) with the relevant brassware (i.e. hooks or trigger hooks) pre-fitted – meaning they’re ready for adding straight to stanchions. These start from £33.72 depending on the length and hook finish selected.



Need to keep costs down, without compromising on appearance?

A product from our Decking Rope collection could be the solution.

Although not designed specifically for use as crowd control barrier ropes, Jute, Manila, Synthetic Hemp and Synthetic Sisal are all great options for this purpose. They have a lovely rustic appearance and can all be easily fitted with brass hooks.

And the best bit? They’re a little more affordable than PolySilk. Decking Ropes measuring 24mm in diameter (ideal for use as a rope barrier) currently range from £2.40 to £4.37 per metre.


Decking rope available at RopesDirect


For events with a particularly limited budget, our last option is Polypropylene Rope.

This is a much more economical alternative, currently priced at approximately £1-2 per metre. But our Polyprop Ropes are of excellent quality, nonetheless. Strong, durable and suitable for prolonged outdoor use. And you can choose between standard Blue Polyprop or a shade from our Coloured Polypropylene range.

Rope for barriers


  1. Synthetic or natural rope for barriers?

This comes down to whether your event will be held indoors or outdoors.

Indoors? It doesn’t really matter, and you can choose from any of our synthetic or natural options. But if it’s outdoors? It’s worth giving your choice a little more consideration.

Certain rope materials are better suited to being outside than others.

Whilst natural ropes can (and often are) employed as outdoor barrier ropes, this isn’t usually recommended – especially if it’s a long-term event and the rope will be subject to harsh weather. Manila is probably the best ‘natural option’, as it contains natural oils that will help to protect against the elements. But it’s still very much prone to deterioration, as well as shrinkage if it gets wet.

Essentially, barrier ropes made from synthetic fibres are a better option for outdoors.

This includes PolySilk, Synthetic Hemp, Synthetic Sisal and Polypropylene. All of which are extremely strong and durable and – crucially – are fully weather-resistant, UV-resistant and rot-proof.


  1. Aesthetics

How does your event need to look?

Do you have a particular colour scheme that you need to stick to?

Not only do they create a high-end look (perfect for sophisticated gatherings!), our PolySilk Barrier Ropes come in seven beautiful colours, including pink, red, purple, white, black, silver, grey and navy. Which means, they’re incredibly easy to coordinate with the theme or décor of your event.

If you opt to have these pre-fitted with brassware, you can also choose from a range of hook finishes, including polished brass, antique brass, glossy chrome, satin chrome, black nickel and black matt.

For those with a smaller budget, our coloured Polypropylene Ropes come in a range of colours (beige, red, orange, green, black, white and yellow), with a shade to suit all event themes.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a more traditional and decorative aesthetic? If so, a product from our Decking Rope collection may be ideal – all of which have a sandy brown ‘classic rope’ appearance. For events keen to prioritise eco-friendliness, we’d particularly recommend our 100% natural manila.


Crowd control rope barriers from RopesDirect


Confident in your decision?

If you’ve identified the perfect barrier ropes for your event, shopping with us is super simple.

We know you’re busy, working your way through that to-do list. And we get that when it comes to organising an event, however big or small, time is of the essence – so you can rely on us to deliver. Our warehouse always has plenty of stock of all the crowd control ropes highlighted in this blog. You just need to place your order before noon, and we guarantee, it’ll be processed and despatched that same afternoon.

Still unsure of the right product for you?

Lots of additional information on the best rope for barriers can be found throughout the website, particularly in our ‘Help Choosing Rope’ section. But if you have any further questions, or would like tailored advice on the best option for your specific event or occasion, you’re also welcome to contact us at any time.

Simply fill out our online enquiry form and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

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