The advantages of tie-down boat covers

A boat is a massive investment so any caring owner would want to protect their vessel at all times. Boat covers are good for protection but should you really cover the boat when not in use, isn’t this a case of overkill?

Surely if you use the boat regularly over the summer it’s best to leave it uncovered so you have instant access whenever you like.
Read this blog though, it tells you why a boat cover could be the best investment you make for your boat this year.
Protect vinyl seats from UV rays – Read forums about boat covers and the consensus from a large number of boat owners is boat covers are good for protecting the vessel from the sun. Okay you might not have this problem as a boat owner in the UK but own a powerboat in a hot and sunny climate and whenever the craft is left out in the sun the UV rays are wreaking havoc with the vinyl seats. Cover it up and you don’t have this problem. 
Keep the bodywork protected during travels – If you need to move a boat on the back of a trailer the chances are you’ll be travelling down a motorway at some point. Countless objects could strike the boat en route, flies and bugs will splatter against the shiny fibreglass, stones and other objects might strike the bodywork causing damage which needs to be repaired.  
Prevent rain from getting into the boat – Leave a boat uncovered over the summer or the winter and it’s totally exposed to the elements, when it rains the boat will fill with water, this could remain in the vessel for days depending on how often you use the craft.  
Stop water ruining wooden panels – If you have wooden panels on a boat they should be protected as well. If water gets into wood and it’s left for any length of time the timber will start to rot. Preserve the wood and cover it up during winter storage, keep your boat protected with a cover during downtime. 

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