Soap on a RopesDirect rope

Soap on a (RopesDirect) Rope!

Soap on a rope is back. This time it’s funky, it’s ethical and it’s got our rope in it!

We’re really pleased to have supplied CIVIL BLOCK, an exciting Microsoapery, with some of our lovely, soft, cotton rope. Perfect for their fab range of small scale, top notch, natural soap blocks. If you want to know more – as we did – check out their website.

Soap on a rope on a wall from CIVIL BLOCK       Soap on a rope on a wall from CIVIL BLOCK

But why soap on a rope?

Well in 2021, CIVIL BLOCK made traditional British, small batch soap in two sizes – a large BLOCK, and a handbasin-size mini-BLOCK, with a hand finished soap dish to keep it at its best.

Feedback on the soap was excellent, but some customers like the convenience of a bottle of shower gel. So to give an option of high quality, synthetic free, eco-friendly soap, with the convenience of shower gel, they looked back at the pinnacle of 70s soap style, Soap on a Rope.

“Getting the right type of rope was paramount to us making the best shower gel alternative,” said our soapery insider at CIVIL BLOCK.

“As a local supplier, RopesDirect spent some time taking us round the huge selection of ropes available. We spoke with Russell about materials, eco credentials, shrinkage, colour fastness, where it was made and how it will perform. We went away with a number of lengths of rope to sample.

“Ultimately, after all of our sampling, Russell’s suggestion was by far the best performing – you guys know your rope!”

We’re delighted to say that CIVIL BLOCK SOAP + ROPE has been a great success, and feedback has been phenomenal.

So if you’re making a New Year’s Resolution to be cleaner and greener…. you could try our friends at CIVIL BLOCK!

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