PolySilk Barrier Ropes available at RopesDirect

PolySilk Barrier Ropes – the latest addition to our line-up

Meet the new headliner of our barrier ropes collection. PolySilk.

Intended to eventually replace our PolyCotton and Polyester options, PolySilk is much softer, more luxurious and an all-round better performer for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Here’s our explainer video:

Whether you work in retail, leisure, events, entertainment or just wish to add a creative feature to your home or garden, our brand-new PolySilk Barrier Ropes are the ideal choice. So why not join the (controlled) crowds and add it to your basket?

Here we take a closer look at their glowing credentials.


5 reasons to get in line for our PolySilk Barrier Ropes


  1. Luxury choice

Made from premium multifilament polypropylene fibres, our PolySilk Ropes are incredibly soft to handle and boast an elegant, high-end appearance.

The three strands are twisted to create an attractive ‘traditional rope’ look. And they come in seven beautiful colours: red, purple, white, black, silver grey navy and pink – allowing you to colour coordinate with the décor of your venue or remain in sync with your chosen aesthetic.

They’re also easily paired with our high-quality brass fittings.

Simply attach them to a wall or clip them onto matching stanchions to create a professional, luxuriant finish for your event or occasion – and control the crowds in style!


  1. Outstanding durability

The polypropylene fibres used to create our PolySilk Barrier Ropes are UV-stabilised and fully weather resistant. Making them an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use.

They also demonstrate very little stretch, even whilst wet. And despite being subject to the rigours of crowds and queues, they hold up well over long periods of time – capable of withstanding significant wear and tear and maintaining their colourful, luxurious appearance.


  1. Convenience

All barrier ropes and posts are very easy to set up and take down; that’s one of their main advantages. However, our new PolySilk Ropes are a particularly convenient option.

Both the left and right ends come heat sealed as standard. And combined with our brass fittings, they can be effortlessly clipped into place – creating a quick, simple barrier in the desired location.

They’re also surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to move and reconfigure as needed.


  1. The perfect width and length

Our PolySilk Ropes measure 24mm in diameter – the perfect width to create a sturdy queue rope barrier. And they’re available to purchase by the metre to meet your exact requirements.

Whether you’d prefer one continuous piece (up to 100m long), or multiple pre-cut pieces – ready to attach to your stanchions or wall posts – just tell us the number and lengths you want when checking out, and we’ll supply barrier ropes that are perfect for your needs.


  1. Affordability

This is a luxury product, without the luxury price tag.

RopesDirect is an exclusively online supplier. Which means, we’re able to save a great deal on overheads – and pass those savings on to you as the customer. And thanks to our long-term partnership with the manufacturer, we’re able to offer our PolySilk for just £6 a metre (May 2023).

High-end yet low-cost. PolySilk Barrier Ropes provide an easy way to deck out your event space in style, with a minimal budget.


Are PolySilk Ropes right for my needs?

Some of the most common uses for indoor and outdoor rope barriers include:


  • Crowd control – creating a specific place for people to queue at events (such as concerts, theatres, cinemas, sports matches etc.) or directing the flow of foot traffic in busy areas.


  • Access control – helping to keep members of the general public or unauthorised personnel out of restricted areas, such as backstage at a music festival or the VIP section at a party.


  • Visual barriers – to guide people in the right direction (e.g. at airports or museums).


  • Defining boundaries – of a designated area, such as a red carpet entrance or VIP lounge


Essentially, any setting in which you need to effectively manage crowds and queues, and create a more orderly, organised environment – without detracting from the aesthetics of the venue.

They’re also a great option for use as a staircase bannister, or to add a creative ‘rope feature’ to your home or garden – such as this beautiful pink ‘barrier rope’ fence created by our customer, Heather.


Example of outdoor barrier rope


Further insight into our collection of barrier ropes – including our brand new PolySilk Ropes – can be found on our website. So if you’re unsure whether they’re the best choice for your current requirements, it’s worth taking a look at this additional information.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, and our ‘Help Choosing Rope’ section can assist in pointing you in the right direction. However, if you have a specific question – about our PolySilk Barrier Ropes, crowd control ropes in general or anything else – you’re also welcome to get in touch.

Simply send an email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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