Neon green whipping twine from RopesDirect

New eye catching whipping twine

We’re selling a new range of eye-catching whipping twine…

It comes in four stand-out colours, so you’ll never miss a reel again: Hi-vis neon yellow, neon orange, neon red and neon green!

Neon yellow whipping twine from RopesDirect

Made by Kingfisher – the trusted choice for sailors and climbers – it’s made of braided polyester, and waxed for easy use. That makes it ideal for whipping small diameter sailing and climbing ropes. Polyester is strong, hardwearing and has a high uv resistance, so it’s highly suitable for marine and outdoor use.

The diameter is 1mm, with approximately 40m on the spool – plenty to ensure all your ropes are whipped and kept in good order.

Of course, if day-glo is not your scene then we also have plenty of regular-coloured whipping twine, such as tan, blue, red, white and black.

Whipping twine white medium


You can find them all in our Twines and Strings section –

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