Making an Easter wreath using jute rope

How to make a wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas.

You can decorate your doorway to suit any season or occasion you wish! And this “eggcellent” Easter wreath is the perfect way to brighten up your entrance this April.

It can be braided up in less than one hour using our jute rope.

Just follow our simple step-by-step guide, pop it on your front door and impress your guests (Easter Bunny included 🐰) when they arrive for choc-filled celebrations.


What will I need to make my Easter wreath?


There are two main materials that you’ll require:

  1. 9 metres of jute ropeJute rope available at RopesDirect

Jute rope is easy to work with and holds its shape well, making it an ideal option for a DIY wreath.

Here at RopesDirect, we sell jute rope by the metre in a broad spectrum of diameters – ranging from 6-36cm. But to create a durable and eye-catching decoration, without it becoming too bulky or heavy to hang on the front door, we recommend opting for around the 10mm mark.


  1. A piece of sturdy cardboard or 1.5 metres of 22 gauge floral wire

The best option depends on whether you wish to hang your DIY Easter wreath indoors or outside.


You’ll also need:

  • craft scissors
  • a hot glue gun
  • sticky tape
  • a selection of small easter decorations
  • a CommandTM Strip


5 steps to make your Easter door wreath

And still have time left over to organise an egg hunt.


Step 1: Prepare the jute rope

Step 1 how to make a wreath

To make an average-sized rope wreath, you’ll need three lengths of rope – measuring around 3m each.

You can cut these yourself (we have a how-to guide to help with that too!). Or you can simply tell us the number and lengths that you require when checking out, and we’ll supply them pre-cut.

Fold each piece in half and lay them down next to each other – so that you have three sections, with two strands of rope each, in front of you.


Step 2: Braid them together

Step 2 for making an Easter wreath

To braid the ropes quickly and easily – without them moving around or becoming too loose as you work – it’s a good idea to secure all strands to a tabletop or work surface using your sticky tape.

Then, plait them in the same way you’d plait hair.

Pick up the left-hand section and move it over the top of the middle section. Take the right-hand section and bring this across the new middle section. And continue with this pattern until you reach the end of the rope – taking care to keep the rope strands flat and stay as neat as possible.


Step 3: Create a circle

Step 3 how to make an Easter door wreath

To transform your length of braided rope into a braided rope wreath, bring the rope ends together to create a circular shape. And secure these (whilst minding your fingers!) using the hot glue gun.

At this stage, don’t worry too much about the glue being visible or a little messy. Just make sure the ropes are securely stuck together. This area can be covered with your decorations later on.


Step 4: Add the base

Step 4 to make a DIY Easter wreath

Whilst the glue is drying, move on to the base.

One affordable option – particularly if you plan to hang the rope wreath indoors – is to make this yourself, using a sturdy piece of cardboard. Simply draw two circles, one about 5cm smaller than the other and cut out the ring using craft scissors.

If you plan to put the wreath outside, you’ll need something a little more weatherproof. You could twist a long length of floral wire into a circular shape. Or, for maximum convenience, buy a pre-made metal wreath frame online.

Whichever option you choose, ensure the circular base is approximately 35-40cm in diameter. And stick this in place, using the hot glue gun, at multiple points around the wreath’s circumference.


Step 5: Have fun with the decs

Step 5 how to make an Easter wreath

Now it’s time to get creative!

There are many different ways you could decorate your Easter door wreath. Perhaps keep things rustic with sprigs of eucalyptus, burlap bows and little checked bunnies? Or maybe stick to a traditional aesthetic and adorn it with spring flowers, pastel-coloured eggs and lots of tiny yellow chicks?

Just arrange the decorations to your liking and attach them with your glue gun. Then finally, to hang it from your front door, stick a CommandTM Strip to the back.


Start your DIY door wreath today

Our 10mm jute rope is in stock, affordably priced (available for just 60p per metre) and ready for immediate despatch. Which means, there’s still plenty of time to order yours, create your very own DIY Easter wreath – and make sure Easter Bunny knows where to find you!

Chocolate eggs and daffodils not quite your thing?

If not, why not make a pretty spring wreath instead? Or one for the King’s Coronation? Easy to make and versatile, this particular braided rope pattern can be adapted to all seasons and occasions. Just follow steps 1-4, then add decorations to match current celebrations.

And remember, we’d love to see the results. If you do have a go at creating a DIY wreath using our jute rope, tag us in a pic on Facebook or Instagram using #ropesdirect. Or for a chance to feature on our blog, send an email to and let us know how you got on.


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