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How to hang a Rope Swing from a tree branch

Here’s how to hang a Rope Swing from a tree branch. It’s really easy to do.

As long as you provide a strong branch, we can provide everything else you need for your kids to be swinging safely in no time at all!

Our swings come with steel rings at the top (apart from our oak swing set which is made to order).

Then use our extension ropes to wind round the tree branch and connect using the quick link. You’ll need one extension rope for a monkey swing (which has one suspension rope) and two extension ropes for a traditional seat swing or gym ring set (which have two suspension ropes).

Rope swing metal fittings from RopesDirect

Remember to allow for the height of the seat from the ground (about half a metre) and the circumference of the branch.

Watch our video (this links to our YouTube film)

Here’s a diagram and step by step guide:

Diagram showing how to hang a rope swing from a tree

How to calculate what you need

1  Measure the circumference of your branch
Example: 65cms

2  Measure the distance between the branch and the height of your swing seat
Example: 267cms

3  Add the two together, giving you the total rope length (drop).
Example: 267 + 65 = 332cms 

4  If you are using an extension rope to connect the swing to (see diagram), choose one that best fits and still allows you to make adjustments.
Example: We will use a 1.8m extension rope to wrap round the branch. The plastic monkey rope swing can be adjusted to between 105cms and 175 cms so we can shorten it to 150 cms for the perfect height!

And if you are fitting a swing to a metal frame or pole, we sell a wide range of metal fittings.

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