a chair seat before and after being mended

Good as new – thanks to our multicord!

This chair is good as new – thanks to our rope and a little DIY!

Customer Carol kindly sent us ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, having mended her neighbour’s chair seat.

With a 200m reel of our 3mm beige polypropylene multicord, Carol completed the transformation.

“My neighbour wanted a much loved garden chair ‘re-seated,” she said, in a testimonial she kindly sent through.

“The help I received in choosing the right product was great, delivery was brilliant. Happy neighbour. 10/10 for customer service and product.”

A chair seat before and after being mendedThank you Carol!

It’s a lovely, tidy job and it’s not so hard to tackle yourself. We have got plenty of examples and ‘how-to’ articles in this section of our website. Just type ‘chair’ in the search box (top left) and you’ll be able to browse them all – and make your chair as good as new too!

Or here’s a link to doing the work – www.ropesdirect.co.uk/blog/how-to-weave-rope-seats/

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