60mm Manila rope used as garden edging

Garden edging – try our rope!

We have some great photos sent in by customer Tom who recently purchased some 60mm Manila to use as garden edging.

Manila is a good strong traditional natural rope that is especially resistant to sunlight and stretches very little. It is ideal for use in the garden and being natural it complements planting and timber work. As well as garden edging people also use it for handrails, fencing, lawn & deck edging, swing & climbing ropes, rose & pergola swags.

Like any plant product, when it eventually decays it composts down into the soil, which is why it is perfect for use at ground level.

If you’re inspired and want to think about Manila for garden edging then you can find it here: www.ropesdirect.co.uk/60mm-manila-rope-sold-by-the-metre.html


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