Decking using synthetic hemp rope from RopesDirect

Decking rope – another great example

Here’s another great example of how to use decking rope in a garden.

Huge thanks to our customer Chris at Horti-Care in Cheshire for the picture. As a professional gardener with standards to maintain, Chris wants the look for his customer to be just right.

So to finish off the decking in their garden he fitted it with a rope rail, using 28mm Synthetic Hemp rope. The rope was passed through holes in the wooden posts and secured at each end with chromed, brass end cup/plates.

We think it is a really helpful example of how rope sets off decking, how it works in a smaller garden (as opposed to a landscaped Stately Home!) and how neat the finished job can be.

See how the swags in the rope are just right. And how the rope is passed through holes in the wooden posts without too much bother. Looks easy – but actually it is easy to trip up. Please have a read of our advice if you try this and you won’t go far wrong. We have published it here:   Scroll down the page and you’ll see our diagrams and video to keep you on the straight and narrow!

And if you live in Cheshire – Glossop, Tameside, Saddleworth area – then you can contact Chris for all your gardening needs –

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