Synthetic Hemp rope from RopesDirect used as a rose trellis

Fred’s rope rail sets the garden off a treat!

Our customer Fred’s rope trellis sets the garden off a treat, as you’ve surely got to agree!

He used some of our 32mm synthetic hemp The rope was attached to the posts with galvanised steel rings on plates. The rope was eye-spliced on to the rings. Here’s a close up so you can see his method.

Close up of synthetic hemp rope eye spliced to a metal ring, from RopesDirect

Synthetic Hemp is actally made of spun polypropylene. This means it has all the appearance of natural hemp rope with the advantages of synthetic material. It withstands sunshine, frost, rain and wind. It is soft to touch and ideal for use in and around the garden as a decking rope, a handrail and for trailing plants.

We have lots more articles about using synthetic hemp rope – use the search bar and see what other people have achieved.

Synthetic Hemp rope from RopesDirect used as a rose trellisFor Fred’s job, our man in the warehouse, Terry, took on the task of fitting the galvanised ring/plates into eye splices at each end of the ropes. Hand-splicing is not a machine-perfect, precision business. But our Terry is incredibly skilful and concerned to get the details right and we’re pretty proud that each rope turned out near as possible identical in length; as you can see from Fred’s lovely photos.

So thank you to Fred for those. Lucky him… now he’s got another flower bed to maintain!

If you use our rope for a special project at home or work, we’d love to see the photos and share them on this website. Email us here.

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