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Forget-me-Knot – Des keeps ancient ropework alive

There is something really relaxing about taking time out and learning to tie an exquisite knot, and maybe even using it in some DIY or craft to adorn where you live.

So when you next get five minutes spare, take a look at, and delve into the charming and timeless world of ropecraft.

Des PawsonDes is a bit of a legend in the rope world, and was awarded an MBE for his services. He has a lifelong passion for knots, rope making and ropecraft – and shares it with you on his website and in his books. Des was a co-founder of the International Guild of Knot Tyers in 1982. He’s also demonstrated at events around the country and you’ll be able to watch his videos helping members of the public to make rope using very old, but very tried and tested technology.

Together with wife Liz, they also specialise in decorative ropework, from bellropes to fenders and keyrings to lanyards.


A rope museum in a shed!

Des Pawson's rope museumAnd at the risk of sparking Shed Envy, take a look at their small but lovely Museum, crammed full of items that hark from yesteryear’s folk histories, including artefacts made by sailors on those long sailing-ship voyages that were so much part of this island nation’s history. These are now slowly being transferred to a new home at Chatham Historic Dockyard.

As a small family business that is steeped in the world of rope, we would be interested, wouldn’t we? But take our word for it – delve a little into Des’ world yourself. You’ll find yourself tying a Carrick Bend and a Monkey Knot before you realise you’re relaxed!

If you need a bit more guidance then his book, Des Pawson’s Knot Craft & Rope Mats, is worth a read. Most of the projects in his book can be made with our rope.

And you can use what ever rope you like! Synthetic Hemp’s not bad, or Jute. Then there’s Polyprop. Or Cotton if you like rope that’s soft to handle. Whatever you choose, we’ve probably got it in stock.







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