Fence design idea

Fence design ideas

The garden fence.

From a design point of view, it’s something that’s often overlooked. But there are many ways in which the vertical wood panels can be used to add a little character to your outdoor space and create a new, interesting feature.

And to get you started, here we’ve rounded up some of our favourite fence design ideas.

These are all budget-friendly and incredibly easy to do. So, why not have a go? Just stock up on a few supplies – such as rope, paint, pots and plants – and take full advantage of your fence space. And if you do decide to try some of our ideas, be sure to send us a few photos. We’d love to see the result.


3 garden fence design ideas to try this summer


1. Introduce a length of rope

Outdoor ropes are a simple yet effective way to add a stylish touch to your garden fence.

For example, you could wrap it around the posts and create a scalloped effect from one panel to the next. Or – just like one of our previous customers – run a length of chunky 48mm synthetic hemp along the top of the fence, and use it to either train ivy or create a pretty rose swag.

Fence design idea that uses synthetic hemp from RopesDirect  Fence design idea that uses synthetic hemp from RopesDirect

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly creative, why not build a brand new rope fence? This could be used to section one area of the garden from another or to create a boundary around a footpath or decking area. And our coloured polycotton barrier ropes work an absolute treat. Not only do they look amazing, they can withstand outside conditions and will last for many years.


Post and rope fence made using rope from RopesDirect

By the way, if you’re passing rope through a hole in wood then wait until the rope arrives before you drill. The hole will need to be a few millimetres larger than the rope diameter.

2. Paint a feature fence

Everybody’s heard of an indoor feature wall. But what about an outdoor feature wall?

This is a modern fence design idea, that has become increasingly popular in recent years – and it’s easy to see why. Sprucing up just one fence panel, with a fresh lick of paint, can make a huge difference to the look of your garden – allowing you to add a focal point and inject a little colour.

Our recommendation would be to create an ombre effect, with several shades from the same colour family. For example, you could use a combination of yellow, brown and beige? Or perhaps go two-tone and make a statement, with dark grey at the bottom of the panel and light grey at the top?

All it takes is a bit of masking tape to ensure the lines are sharp and it’s sure to look impressive.

Garden fence design idea  Garden fence design idea


3. Add a few decorations

Decorations are another fantastic way to add a splash of colour to your garden fence.

Why not add a couple of rope hanging baskets with flowering plants or succulents? Or try one of the biggest horticultural trends of the summer – kokedama? Due to their vertical nature, these can be easily hung from the fence panel. And with the help of our step-by-step guide, they’re really simple to make.

Alternatively, you could put up a couple of outdoor shelves and fill them with small, colourful plant pots. If you’re not very green-fingered, perhaps pin up a couple of boho macramé hangings or wall art? Or make a rustic garden rope mirror using a long length of synthetic hemp and some mod podge?

When it comes to decorative fence design ideas, the possibilities are endless. Just think about the overall look of your garden, choose something that makes you smile, and be creative.


Design idea for fence


Don’t sit on the fence – make your fence design ideas a reality!

If you fancy giving one of our garden fence ideas a go, (bar paint) we have everything you need to get started. From high-quality synthetic hemp that is perfect for outdoor use to string and twines that are ideal for making decorative items. We have it all in stock and ready for dispatch.

So why not take a look around our store today? Make your fence design ideas a reality in time for summer. And remember to forward us some pictures to post on our website and social media pages!


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