Classy boat fenders using our rope!

Our rope is used by craftspeople and businesses to create beautiful and really useful products – such as Victoria Rayner, at The Fender Boutique.

Victoria creates fabulous rope fenders for boats, using elements of traditional knotcraft and ropework.

Many classic boat owners look for something traditional to finish the look of their boats after they have been restored. Many modern boat owners, too, want to add a touch of real class to their craft. Therefore replacing modern plastic inflatables with rope fenders gives their boat a really romantic look.

 Two maiden side fenders and a maiden bow fender  Straight lantern side fenders

Depending on what she is making, Victoria chooses ropes from RopesDirect to suit. For example 24mm Synthetic Hemp will make really hefty fenders that will protect the sides of a boat, last a long time and maintain its natural-looking appearance. Victoria also uses our Navy Blue Yacht Rope for side and bow fenders.

The Fender Boutique logoYou can see her full range at The Fender Boutique website.

Victoria’s skills hark back to the days of long sailing ship voyages, when sailors would while away any spare time by weaving ship fenders using marlin spikes and tough Manila rope. They used ever more intricate knots and designs as they developed their craftsmanship.

And as you can see, Victoria’s fenders, using our rope, are works of art as well as being functional. This explains why many of her customers order fenders for their homes: “I find that boaty people tend to have boaty things in their homes too and a few of my bespoke works have ended up draping the edge of a fireplace or even running up the side of stairs,” said Victoria. “Having good quality rope is key as I need to use quite long lengths at a time without any visible imperfections – thank you RopesDirect!”

We’re very pleased and proud to see our rope used in this way.

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