Charity in Uganda using polyester rope from RopesDirect

Charity work in Uganda helped with our ropes

Here at RopesDirect, we always love to hear about how our ropes are being used. That’s why we appreciate your customer reviews so much. Recently, we’ve had lots of great stories about our ropes in action. But there’s one in particular that has really reached out to us and touched our hearts.

Last month, we supplied Mission 4 Water – a non-governmental organisation in Uganda – with a 100m reel of 8mm braid on braid blue fleck polyester rope. And when we read their testimonial, we just had to find out more about their fantastic work and how our polyester rope will play a part.


Hand auguring using polyester rope

Mission 4 Water was set up in 2010 by Susan Morgan from Dorset. The organisation aims to help communities that struggle with access to clean and safe water. In such communities, people in health centres and children in schools regularly fall ill with waterborne diseases – and the very young and old are at most risk of dying.

Since the organisation started work over 10 years ago, they have travelled throughout Uganda – deep into the villages – and drilled water boreholes in some of the worst-affected areas.

The on-site engineer, Sunday, conducts an initial survey to establish if a proposed site is suitable. And if it is, a hand auger and rope pulley are used to remove the soil and dig a well. It’s a slow process, but they have a team of strong and dedicated labourers at their disposal. And to date, they’ve created 164 facilities.

After all that hard work and hoisting, it’s hardly surprising they needed some new rope for their pulley – and we were absolutely delighted to be of assistance. Our polyester rope was shipped promptly across the world, allowing the drillers to continue with their work as soon as possible. And due to its exceptional quality, they can rest assured it will support their efforts for many years.

To find out more about Mission 4 Water and how to donate, visit

Charity in Uganda using braid on braid polyester rope


How do you use your rope?

This is just one fabulous example of how our ropes are currently being used – one that has certainly given us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And we’re eager to discover more…

If you’ve shopped with us in the past – whether for braid on braid polyester rope, like that purchased by Mission 4 Water, or any of our other products – we’d love to hear from you. You can submit a testimonial using our online form. Or send an email to, with a short paragraph about how our ropes are being used and a couple of photos of them in action.

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