Coloured cotton ropes

Brighten up your macramé with our coloured cotton ropes

Looking for a way to brighten up the dark nights?

How about some coloured cotton rope?

This is a brand new line of products for us here at RopesDirect, introduced to our cotton rope and cotton cord range – just in time for the winter months (aka. official macramé season).

The clocks have gone back, the weather is dreary, and the evenings are long and dark. Which to us, sounds like the perfect excuse to get cosy at home and start a new project. So why not invest in a few of our beautiful shades and start knotting up your first colourful masterpiece?

Our colour palette of dyed cotton rope

Made here in the UK, our dyed cotton ropes are available in 12 stunning colours.

Dyed cotton rope colours


These are soft and flexible three-strand ropes, measuring 4mm in diameter.

All shades are available to buy in convenient 25m hanks, as well as 100m and 200m reels that are easy to use and store. And as they’re crafted from 100% natural cotton, they boast all the benefits of our natural (undyed) cotton ropes – just with the added bonus of a colourful appearance. These include:


Manufactured in the exact same way and made to the same exacting standards.

The only difference between our coloured macrame ropes and our natural cotton variety is that the fibres have been coloured using a non-toxic dye. As such, you can expect the same excellent product as always – high-quality and designed to last – just in a different colour.

A smooth texture

Designed and developed with crafting in mind.

Our dyed cotton ropes are soft-to-touch, comfy to handle and kind to busy fingers. Knot away until your heart is content, with no risk of irritation or rope burns! Plus, as the spun cotton fibres are slightly stretchy and flexible, they’re unlikely to snap – no matter how intricate your pattern.


Don’t let the colour fool you.

Our coloured ropes may be dyed a colour, but they’re still made from 100% natural cotton fibres – taken from a managed harvest. Which means you can buy and use as much as you like, without having to worry about the environmental impact of your crafting.


Macramé not your thing?

Whilst our cotton ropes are perfect for knotting up a decorative wall hanging, thanks to their lightweight and flexible nature – and the diverse palette of colours they’re now available in  – they’re the perfect craft supply for a wide range of projects and activities. From animal halters and pet toys to magic tricks and circus work, these are versatile ropes that will suit many needs.


Colourful macramé patterns to try using our dyed cotton rope

Need a little inspiration?

Here at RopesDirect, we believe our dyed cotton ropes are the perfect craft supply for a wide range of projects. And to get you started, here we’ve rounded up a few colourful macramé patterns you might like to try.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a decorative knot connoisseur, why not set aside a couple of the dark evenings and see what vibrant creations you can come up with?

Heart-shaped bunting

A macramé project destined for our rose pink dyed cotton rope.

Published on, this is a relatively easy pattern and a great way to practice basic macramé knots – all the while creating a heart-warming decoration! Perfect for hanging on the wall in the little one’s bedroom or providing a cute backdrop for a celebration or special occasion.

Christmas stars

Too early to talk about Christmas?

Possibly, but it’s never too early to start making festive decorations!

These super cute stars need knotting up ASAP.

This is another free macramé pattern available on, but this time a little more advanced, so you may need to check out their macramé knot guide before starting! Opt for our optic white cotton rope and either arrange them on the wall or make mini versions to hang on your tree

Autumn leaves wall hanging

As the last leaves fall, why not celebrate the end of the season with this chic design?

Brought to you (free of charge) by, it’s made using just one simple macramé knot, yet creates a stunning effect when hung on the wall. Use a combination of our red, yellow and gold cotton rope to give it an autumnal vibe, or pick colours to match your home décor.

Either way, it’ll be knotted up and looking fabulous in no time.

Sunburst mirror

Perfect for the days when you’re missing the sun.

Brighten up your home with this sun-inspired macramé mirror. The pattern focuses on just two simple knots – a square knot and a double half hitch – making it a great option for beginners. All you need is a mirror plate, a bamboo embroidery hoop and some of our yellow macramé rope.

Hoop earrings

Always fancied making your own jewellery?

How about some colourful hoop earrings? Unlike all the other macramé patterns listed here, this one isn’t free – a PDF download from Macramé for Beginners will cost you £3.82. But it’ll be money well spent, as you’ll be knotting these up daily and gifting them to everyone you know!

Royal blue, burgundy, forest green. Make a pair in every colour and wait for the compliments.

A fringed purse

Take your macramé skills up a level with this beautiful, fringed purse.

It’s quite a complex pattern, which uses a range of different knotting techniques – so best left to the experienced crafters. But the results are impressive and will add a nice pop of colour to your outfit!

Either be bold and opt for a striking pink or blue, or create a classic purse with our trendy silver grey cotton rope.

Alicia keyring

st but not least, a quick and easy keyring by Wool and the Gang.

Again, this is an ideal project for macramé novices – as it’s super easy and requires no previous experience. The pattern includes instructions for three styles, which use three basic knots – the four strand square braid, the half square knot braid and the alternating half hitch braid.

Simply stock up on a few colours of our dyed cotton rope, pop in your email address to download the free PDF, and start sprucing up your bags with these simple yet effective accessories.


Shop our coloured cotton ropes and get crafting

As an exclusive online supplier, we’re able to offer our coloured cotton ropes at a fantastic price, starting from just £8.88 for a 24m hank (November 2023). And we have plenty of stock in our warehouse. Just place your order before noon and it’ll be despatched that same afternoon.

If you have any questions about this new range or are unsure whether our dyed cotton ropes are right for your specific macramé pattern or craft project, additional information can be found throughout our website – with detailed specifications on the individual product pages, plus advice and tips in our ‘Help Choosing Rope’ section.

And keep in mind, we’d love to see the results.

Whether you use one of our colourful macramé suggestions above or try a pattern of your own using our coloured macramé ropes, please tag us in any photos on social media using @RopesDirect. Or for a chance to feature in our blog, send them over to

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