Cotton cord

Braided cotton cord made by RopesDirect

We’re not your average rope supplier – here at RopesDirect.

Yes, most of our products are sourced from the best ISO certified manufacturers from around the world. But we’re also a skilled and experienced rope maker in our own right.

The reel below shows a DIY rope machine we made 25 years ago (to prove we could do it!) and it’s still going strong.



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Fast forward to 2023, and as well as selling a huge range of ropes, strings and cords we make our own– braided cotton cord at our headquarters in Norfolk.

Here we offer a quick glimpse behind the scenes. See how it’s done and purchase your cord in the knowledge that it’s been made by true experts.



How is our braided cotton cord made?

In this video, we’re making 4.5mm braided cotton cord.

A total of 24 strands of cotton are required to make a cord of this diameter. The first 16 are woven together – by automated needles – to create a braided outer sheath. These needles work very fast; too fast for the eye to see. Which is why, here, we’re demonstrating this motion manually.

The final eight strands are run down the centre of the braided sheath, to form a centre core that’s soft yet strong – and ensuring the cotton cord created has a continuous cylindrical shape.


Rope making machine at RopesDirect


What can our braided cotton cord be used for?

Cotton cord is a highly tactile product.

Made from 100% natural unbleached cotton, it’s soft to touch. The spun cotton fibres can be easily coloured with dye, and it has a very flexible and lightweight construction. As such, it lends itself well to a range of decorative and craft projects – as well as many domestic applications.

For example, it’s commonly used in macramé, to create home décor and fashion accessories.

Our cotton cords are also perfect for use in shop displays and reception areas, and for making everything from pet toys and animal halters to sash and blind cords, gift bags and jewellery.


Why buy cotton cord from RopesDirect?

RopesDirect is a long-standing family business. We take pride in our work. As experienced rope manufacturers, quality is guaranteed, and we always endeavour to create the best possible product.

Our team have excellent knowledge of the cord manufacturing process. We never let products leave our premises in Norfolk, unless we’re 100% satisfied they meet our strict high standards. And when you shop with us, you can expect a cord that’s in perfect condition and designed to last.

Cotton braids are currently sold by the metre or by the reel in three diameters – 3mm, 4mm and 4.5mm. So whatever job you have in mind, we’re bound to have a size and quantity to meet your needs. And as they’re made in-house, we fire up our reliable production machine to ensure we have plenty of stock. Order before 12 noon and they can be despatched that afternoon.

What’s more, our braided cotton cords offer great value for money.

As we make the cord ourselves – and we’re an exclusively online stockist – we save considerably on overheads. We like to pass those savings on to our customers. Which is why, despite their exceptional quality, our cotton cords are very competitively priced – starting from just 24p per metre.


Braided cotton cord in production at RopesDirect


Shop our braided cords today

If you’re in need of cotton braid, it doesn’t get better than our homemade collection.

So why not take a look? And if you have any questions – about braided cotton cord, how we make it or our experience as a master rope maker – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send your enquiry via our online contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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