Markers on a reservoir using RopesDirect blue polypropylene rope

Aquatic Engineering with our blue Polypropylene rope

Blue Polypropylene rope is cheap, strong and versatile.

We supply it to industry in huge quantities, for building sites, utilities work, farms, forestry and fisheries. It’s also great at home, for example for tarpaulin sheets, tying things down in the garden, on trailers, in sheds and on lorries. It’s so good we’ve made a video about our blue polyprop!

One of the fascinating stories we have received is from Aquatic Engineering, a family-business on the Isle of Wight that undertakes important projects worldwide.

Glyn at Aquatic Engineering sent us a testimonial after buying 220m coils of 6mm and 12mm blue Polypropylene rope. He kindly highlights our “excellent products” and our “incredible, rapid service”.

And here’s how they use our blue rope:

blue polypropylene rope from RopesDirect used in a silt curtainSilt curtains, tied with RopesDirect blue rope!

This is a long silt curtain which was shipped out to the Caspian Sea. When it’s unrolled it creates a barrier in the water to cordon off work areas and prevent the spread of silt and pollution.

Here are some markers used in a reservoir. Markers on a reservoir using RopesDirect blue polypropylene rope

Temporary pollution control using blue polypropylene rope from RopesDirectBlue polyprop comes into its own for temporary pollution barriers. By the way, they only use trees as anchors for a few days and where absolutely necessary as part of a fast emergency response.

Blue rope – don’t leave home without it!

And this is the point: Like many companies, Aquatic Engineering always keep blue polyprop handy, to use anywhere and everywhere when they need it. It’s the go-to, do-most-things, cheap rope that gets you out of a fix. This is one of their projects in Brazil.

Blue polypropylene rope from RopesDirect sed by Aquatic Engineering

Other companies use it for ducting, draw-cords and you name it.

So if it’s an effective silt curtain or other aquatic engineering you have in mind, contact Glyn and co at Aquatic Engineering.

But if it’s blue rope you need, do what Glyn did… ask us… we have loads in stock. It’s excellent and we get it to you fast!

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