A 10m hank of 12mm polypropylene braided cord from RopesDirect

Amazing clearance bargain!

Here’s an amazing clearance bargain – a 10-metre hank of 12mm Yellow Braided Polypropylene cord for just £3.75 + VAT (£4.50 incl).

This one is a cracking deal and we only have limited stock so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

How do we do it? Well, we have some brilliant suppliers who want to clear stock to make way for new production runs so we are able to snap it all up and pass on the savings to you.

This batch will fly.

It’s so funky –  in yellow with blue and red fleck! It feels incredibly soft and pliable yet it’s strong enough for most jobs in the home and garden – it has a maximum load of 175kg.

12mm polypropylene braided cord clearance bargain from RopesDirect

We have to confess, we have taken a few of these hanks home for ourselves because they look great and will come in handy for tying down loads in the garden and …. errrr …. other useful things! We’re going to create a few jobs just to use it 🙂

Because it is a synthetic cord, it is UV and weather resistant, making it durable. It’ll even float in water. If we had a pond we would create another use for it!

You will find this rope – and plenty more like it – in the Clearance Bargains section of our website. Here’s the direct link: www.ropesdirect.co.uk/12mm-10m-yellow-polypropylene-braid-special-offer.html

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