A rope rail using synthetic hemp rope from Ropes Direct

A garden rope for any home

If you are considering a rope rail in your garden then we always recommend our Synthetic Hemp rope.

It looks like traditional, natural hemp rope but it is actually made of spun polyester which means it will last for years even when its left outside in the hot sun, freezing winter and rain.

One of our customers, Meghan, kindly sent us this photo of their finished rope rail, using 32mm Synthetic Hemp.18mm Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope sold per metreSynthetic hemp

The rope is joined to the posts with our antique brass fittings.

Solid Brass End Hook for 32mm Rope

There are other ways to get the same effect, of course, such as drilling holes through your posts* or knotting the rope on to posts with simple clove hitches.

*If you are going to drill holes in your posts, it’s really important to follow our advice – here: https://www.ropesdirect.co.uk/blog/how-to-drill-holes-in-rope-posts/

Here’s another rope rail example, sent in by one of our customers.Decking rope

Having recommended Synthetic Hemp, we also have admiration for another customer who used our synthetic Barrier Rope in her garden. It too is made from spun polyester so can withstand the weather and keep looking great. Our Polysilk Rope are perfect for colourful decking or garden rope rails – see them here.

Rope decoration using ropes from RopesDirect

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