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Utilities and Industry

Rope for utilities and general industry

We also stock a wide range of cords, softer or natural ropes - have a look at our main menu or Rope Finder for more details.

Cable pullingBlue Polypropylene - on reels from 40 metres to 1020 metres, or 220m coils.

HMPE/Dyneema for heavier loads requiring thinner rope

Draw cord6mm White 8-braid Polyester Cord, on a 1000m reel.
WinchesHMPE/Dyneema - one of the strongest ropes on the market.
Blue PolypropyleneStrong, versatile, rot proof and hard wearing. It comes in multiple diameters and lengths. 
Polysteel RopeApproximately 40% stronger than Polypropylene / Polyethylene. Excellent UV protection, superior abrasion resistance.
Steel Wire ropeIncluding PVC coated Steel Wire rope.