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Sport and leisure

Rope, cord and string for sport and leisure

Upper body fitnessUse our Battle Ropes for fitness at home and gyms. Here's how to use them.
Tug of WarJunior and senior ropes at the right lengths, made from Jute, which is easy to handle.

Our 32mm Manila Rope is the standard for adult tug of war, usually at least 35 metres long.
Cricket / Boundary RopeOur Cricket Boundary Rope is tough, durable and resistant to UV and rot.
Crowd Control We sell purpose-made Barrier Rope, more often used indoors to look stylish.

An economical alternative is Blue Polypropylene or our range of Polypropylene in a variety of colours, which are all weather proof.

Or have a look at our Decking Rope range for more decorative outdoor options.

Survival, bushcraft, adventure sportsWe stock a wide range of cords and paracords, used extensively in outdoor leisure pursuits.
CampingGuy ropes - choose from our Polyester or Staplespun Polyester ranges - or Synthetic Hemp for a classic look.
Swimming pools / Rivers and LakesPolyethylene is usually the rope of choice. Yellow Floatline is often used for safety or throwing ropes rather than long-term immersion.
Play areasSynthetic Hemp is often used, although should you wish to use natural Hemp or similar then try our full range of Natural Products.
Towing (water / air sports)Hollow braid polyethylene has a loose construction which makes for easy splicing.