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Ratchet Load Straps

Ratchet Load Straps

We stock a popular range of heavy duty ratchet straps with certified loads from 500kgs to 5,000kgs.

Ratchet straps are also known as load straps, tie downs and cargo straps.  They are straight forward, easy to use and are a modern replacement for the old fashioned rope and knot system for securing loads. The ratchet assemblies with claw hooks are easily tightened to secure most objects, whether for transport or simply for storage.

  • Manufactured in the UK to BS EN 12195-2
  • Blue label on webbing to indicate load capacity and breaking force
  • Flexible polyester webbing conforms to the shape of the load
  • Heavy duty ratchet assembly with claw hooks
  • Not to be used for lifting
  • roof racks, trailers, cargo, load restraint



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