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Rope, cord and accessories for boating, yachting and marine

We’re based in Nelson’s County, in the heart of the Norfolk Broads and not far from the North Sea, so we understand what boat owners need.

Mooring / AnchoringDockline in a variety of colours. Braided polyester cover for excellent durability and UV resistance over a braided nylon core which provides a little stretch. It's part of our wider range of Polyester Ropes and Braids to choose from.

Multi-filament Polypropylene Yacht Rope - ideal for mooring, towing, anchors and fenders. In three colours, 6mm-16mm.

3-strand multi filament Yacht Rope, 6-16mm.

Polysteel and Leaded Polysteel. Also used widely in commercial fishing.

White Nylon Rope in a range of diameters.

Woven Rope Sleeve to prevent damage by abrasion.

There's further, detailed guidance in one of our helpful blogs - Choosing The Best Rope For Mooring A Boat

Dinghy RopesA wide range of high performance Dinghy Rope.

Polyester Rope for sheets, lines, rigging etc.

Extra StrengthOur Dyneema range is ideal for rigging, cruising and dinghies
Cruising RopesA wide range of braided ropes, including our Dyneema range.
Safety RopesFloatlines - highly visible.
Mouse LinesChoose from our Polyester Rope range.

Polypropylene Rope  - by the metre or by the coil and reel and in a range of colours.

Splicing3-strand waxed Polyester Whipping Twine in a range of thickness and colours - ideal for finishing your splices.

Rope Tools and Accessories. Shackles, Hooks, Other Fittings.
Buoyancy Bags / ToestrapsStrong Polyester Webbing
FendersNatural Coir Fenders - particularly suitable for wooden boats. We suggest 8mm 3-strand Polyester to attach, easy to splice.
SteelSteel Rope Steel Chain