Why battle ropes are brilliant for exercise

 Ropes are really good for workouts, we’ve mentioned this in one of our earlier blogs and we thought we’d take a closer look at battle ropes in our next blog.

Workout ropes are brilliant for a number of reasons, we’ve highlighted the main points in this latest feature from Ropes Direct.  
1.       Manilla ropes are cheap to buy – You don’t have to bust the bank to afford a workout, not when manilla battle ropes are inexpensive to buy. Forget pricey gym memberships, buy rope by the metre, get fit and hone your body on a budget.
2.       They’re good for different exercises – The diversity of workouts you can try with battle ropes is pretty amazing. As well as climbing you can pull the ropes, create waves, spirals or whips, they’re easy to work with and give your arms and upper torso a proper work out.
3.       Ropes are flexible – It doesn’t matter where you want to train, be that a beach, wood, park or back garden, as long as you have a secure anchor point like a tree, pole or other sturdy upright you can loop the rope around it and away you go!
4.       It’s good for the entire body – Battle ropes are great for improving strength in hands and arms, plus they work all areas of the body including the neck, shoulders, abs and legs. Once you learn the full range of exercises you can do with a rope you won’t need any other fitness equipment.
5.       You can tailor the exercise – This is another great reason to train with ropes, pick the right rope depending on your ability. Longer, thicker ropes are harder to work with, if you struggle using a longer rope, choose a shorter, thinner version, build up your strength and increase the size and length of ropes as you get fitter.  
Power ropes are practical and affordable solutions if you want to get fit and build body strength. Take a look at our supplies of manilla rope, it’s strong, thick and perfect for a spot of fitness training. 

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