Snap Hooks

What are Snap Hooks?

In some applications, connecting ropes to a rig or to one another requires a versatile, reversible connection, which can be quickly applied and removed to adapt to changing conditions. Usually seen in barrier ropes, lanyards, keychains, pet leads and other applications requiring flexibility and adaptability, the Snap Hooks from Ropes Direct are the ideal solution for attaching ropes and cords to other items.

What are Snap Hooks?

A snap hook is a relative of the carabiner – a closed loop with a spring-loaded opening, operated by pressing your thumb on a catch on the back. Once open, it can be hooked on to whatever you need to attach it to, before the catch is released, and the hook snaps closed. Removing them is just as easy – simply open them up again!

Snap hooks are commonly used in pet leads to connect to the loop of a dog’s collar, in lanyards that must be reversibly connected to a cord or belt, and in rope barriers, which must be moved and put into new configurations as part of their ordinary operation. The snap hooks available from Ropes Direct are an especially versatile type of snap hook thanks to a swivel eye attachment at their base, which can be connected easily to any kind of rope or any clasp and fastening, or clipped into another clasp or hook without hassle.

This swivel eye lets the snap hook spin on its axis freely, making it a highly adjustable and free-moving hook, while the eye itself allows the hook to be angled differently to the rope to which it is attached, providing more versatility and flexibility in the design.

Snap Hook Construction

The snap hooks available from Ropes Direct are made with high-quality nickel-plated steel, providing strength, corrosion-resistance and a hard-wearing, attractive appearance to the outside of the snap hook. The silver appearance fits in well with any aesthetic, making these snap hooks a viable option in any barrier ropes and lanyards without drawing too much attention or standing out against the rest of the backdrop.

The basic form of a snap hook is a roughly question-mark shaped metal hook, with a hollow straight section into which the spring-loaded closing bar is fitted, and a small catch or knob with allows the snap hook to open when pressed with the thumb. When the knob is released, the gate snaps closed by the action of the spring, hence the name.

At the base of the spring hook, perpendicular to the hook’s stem, there is a swivel-mounted metal eye, which is capable of spinning freely about its axis. This metal eye is fastened in place by a bolt or pin, making a secure connection which will last throughout the lifespan of the snap hook.

What is a Snap Hook Used For?

Snap hooks are used to make a quick, reversible connection on a system of ropes, or to connect a rope or cord to another component, like a lanyard medallion or barrier post. The most common uses for snap hooks are in pet leads, attaching barrier ropes to their posts, on keyrings and key fobs, and in some boating applications – quickly tying up coils or rope, attaching boats to moorings and keeping the deck tidy.

The swivel hook construction and quick, spring-loaded operation of a snap hook helps them to be one of the most popular hooks and clasps, and their hardy, durable construction and attractive nickel plating make them favourites across the board.

How to Use Snap Hooks

A snap hook is easy to install and easy to use. To connect one to a rope or cord, simply affix the cord to the swivel eye as you would to any eye or loop – if you have a cord with a connector or clip, this will be especially easy.

Once your swivel hook is connected to the rope or cord, you can use the snap hook to quickly and reversibly connect the rope to any other item with an appropriate eye or bar. Simply depress the knob to open the spring-loaded gate, slot the hook over the item you want to connect to, and let the knob go. The action of the spring will cause the hook to snap closed, and securely make the connection.

Where to Buy Snap Hooks

If you are looking for snap hooks, you can find them at Ropes Direct. We specialise in any kind of ropes and rope attachments, and offer a range of snap hook sizes, swivel hooks, and swivel eyes of various sizes and materials. Our snap hooks are made to the highest standards, and are nickel-plated for more durability and staying power, so you can rely on your snap hooks in any conditions!

For more information or to place an order, visit our Swivels and Snap Hooks page, or call us on 01692 671721 to speak to one of our experts!

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