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I emailed Ropes Direct requesting a sample of 12mm sisal rope. I’ve bought from elsewhere and the quality differs greatly. I received the sample, which was sent first class, very quickly and was very happy with the quality. (And customer service from Russell.) The quick email reply, speedy sample and good customer service clinched my custom.

Very much appreciated.


Richard Fuller Coventry 8th August 2016

Cotton Rope sold on a 220m reel

Dog Tether

Excellent rope for tethering my dog at the caravan camp site. Soft enough not to damage furniture inside or the awning and if she gets tangled it doesn’t hurt her. Spliced end is attached to the wheel and the whipped end is tied to her harness. Service was excellent.

Ann 6mm Cotton Rope 5th August 2016

28mm Natural Manila Rope Sold by the Metre from Ropes Direct

Manila rope

I ordered the 28 mm manila rope for a customer and the product was delivered the next day. the rope was perfect and the customer was delighted with her new rope balustrade. there was a problem with the thickness of the second batch that I ordered but a quick phone call to ropes direct resolved the problem and a replacement rope was dispatched immediately. the service was faultless and I will definitely use ropes direct again.

Lee jalili-Hodges
Technical director
Resolve Property Services Ltd

lee jalili-hodges Manila Rope 3rd August 2016

Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope

Synthetic Hemp Rope

I keep coming back for different weights of your synthetic hemp rope, it is such an excellent product. For use in historical settings it is a practical alternative to natural hemp rope which is awful to work with when it gets wet. The synthetic version is as good looking but much more durable. Your delivery service is always excellent too!

Julie H synthetic hemp rope 6mm on a spool 3rd August 2016

As good as it gets !

A wonderful service, samples promptly supplied and order fulfilled immediately. What more can I say ?

Ted Lambe 6mm Synthetic Hemp 26th July 2016

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Fairbairn order

Excellent service and price from start to finish. I will definitely use again.


James Fairbairn 25th July 2016

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Good service

Andrew Osborne 25th July 2016

Recent Order for Swing Hooks

Dear Folks,
Thank you for the prompt service, and the top quality hardware. You put a lot of other suppliers to shame. I have recommended you to others for their hardware supplies. Keep it up, please.
Steve Pollock

Steve Pollock J Swing Hooks 20th July 2016

Synthetic Hemp Rope

Not just a rope supplier- advice and great service

I needed a thick climbing rope to attach to a tall tree in the garden, the previous rope breaking whilst my daughter was swinging on it. A short e-mail to the Company promptly advised the synthetic hemp rope which should not deteriorate outside or shrink in the rain.Perfect product which has already been tied with a bowline at the top of the tree !

john kelly N/A 48mm synthetic hemp rope 20th July 2016

Good prices and good service

I have bought rope from this company several times now and found their products good value and dealing with them is very easy. They have even queried when I have ordered the wrong thing by mistake saving me having the wrong product.

Miranda Synthetic hemp 20th July 2016

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