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Excellent service

Excellent service, so easy to order and product arrived on time in pristine condition. Will definitely use Ropes Direct again…

20mm synthetic sisal rope sold by the metre

Dr N Farmer Ropes direct 20mm synthetic sisal 15th June 2017

Good Line

Good product, quickly delivered and easily done on the internet.

8mm Kingbraid – white with red fleck

Thomas 8mm Kingbraid 12th June 2017

Good quality products

I ordered a monkey swing, extension rope to fix it to a branch, and 10 metres of 20mm synthetic hemp rope with metal eye at one end. Products arrived quickly and are of a very good quality, so would definitely purchase from these people again when the need arises.

Plastic Monkey Swing

Martin smith [email protected] Monkey swing, Rope and extension rope 12th June 2017

28mm Natural Manila Rope Sold by the Metre from Ropes Direct

Excellent customer service

Great product as always. Excellent customer service.
Delivered the next day.

22mm Manila Rope sold by the metre

J Swing Hooks

Kevin Jarvis Manila Rope 9th June 2017

Natural Flax Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Stair Rope

I found Ropes Direct to be an extremely helpful company to deal with. The produce knowledge was very impressive and the product itself was of a very high quality.

28mm Natural Hemp Rope

Brass Rope Brackets

Jenny LIndop Hemp rope and Brass fittings 8th June 2017

barrier rope reel

24 MM Wine Red Barrier Rope

I received the rope the day following my order. I found dealing with Russell a real pleasure.
Initially I ordered just three metres but the following day I discovered that I required four metres.
I phoned Russell, and although he had the three metres already cut and was just about to dispatch
it to me, he was happy to place the cut three metres back into stock and dispatch the four metres to me.

I do consider Russell’s actions very business-like and I will be conducting further orders with this firm.
Some other Companies could learn a great deal from Ropes Direct. Very well done.

Desmond Kinsella,

24mm Wine Red Barrier Rope sold by the metre

Desmond Kinsella 7th June 2017

Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope


The rope is great; no complaints.

I specifically wanted a coil, to demonstrate the difference in withdrawing rope, but you sent a reel!

8mm Synthetic Hemp Rope

John Starkie 8mm synthetic hemp 5th June 2017

Fantastic service

Excellent personal service. Great swing.

Oak Swing

Felicity Bayliss Oak swing 3rd June 2017

Rope for garden swags

I bought this rope to form swags for climbing plants in the garden, suspended from posts by the ring-on-plate method. Excellent service from Ropes Direct, including helpful advice on the length required. The rope is now fitted, fixed at one end. Now waiting for it to rain to I can assess the shrinkage in length before final fixing. Very happy to recommend Ropes Direct.

32mm Manila Rope sold by the metre

Andrew Walker 32mm manila rope 2nd June 2017

16mm Synthetic Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Excellent all-round service

Very good product backed up by easy ordering and very speedy service. I started by buying 80 metres to rope-clad a metal pillar, but ended up cladding 3 because it looked so good. Thoroughly recommended.

14mm Synthetic Hemp Rope

Stewart Little Ropesdirect 14mm synthetic hemp 30th May 2017

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