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Proactive Service

Product is great, I placed an order and the service team realised that I did not fully understand the way that the rope would attach to the wall hook.
I received an early morning phone call to explain the problem and once I was fully aware of the problem, it was solved prior to production.
Impressive, real joined-up thinking.

28mm Synthetic Sisal Rope sold by the metre

Paul Justin 28mm Synthetic Sisal rope 14th May 2018

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36mm rope

Fast quick delivery good product

Marilyn Rope 14th May 2018

20mm Synthetic Hemp Rope sold by the metre

If I you had to tie me down to one rope supplying company….

When I submitted my order I made a mistake but I received a telephone call from Russell who had second guessed what I had done wrong and phoned to confirm with me.
My mistake allowed for a price reduction that Russell immediately arranged to have refunded.
The product was sent by courier which allowed me to track my order, only to find that when I picked up my emails a day or two later, that it had been delivered that day and left in my ‘safe place’ as instructed.
If Carlsberg made rope companies then this would be it.
Absolutely FIRST CLASS – thank you Russell !

24mm Synthetic Hemp Rope

Rob 24mm synthetic hemp 12th May 2018

Great Service & Products

Always has what I require and a very speedy service plus great customer service, 5 star all round.

3mm 8-plait polyester cord

Steve Thorndycraft 3MM X 150M WHITE 8-PLAIT POLYESTER CORD 9th May 2018

6mm Jute Rope on a 100m reel

Fantastic Service

Really knowledgeable and helpful company. Service is excellent and delivery was super fast. Highly Recommended.

6mm jute rope with whipped ends

Nicki 6mm Jute Rope 8th May 2018

8mm Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope sold by the metre

exceeded expectations

I had a chat with Russell who was really knowledgeable and helped with my choice. When the rope arrived it far exceeded my expectations. It was soft, flexible and not shiny as I thought a synthetic product might be. I wanted a synthetic product so that it would not shrink and tighten or fade when used in the garden. Well pleased.

8mm Synthetic Hemp Rope – 15m hank

Gloria Goodliffe Ropes Direct synthetic hemp 8mm rope 3rd May 2018

28mm Natural Manila Rope Sold by the Metre from Ropes Direct

Great service

Fast and efficient service, providing exactly what I ordered. Good quality Manilla rope.

Manila rope sold by the metre

Nick Holden ropesdirect Manilla Rope 30th April 2018

12mm Natural Flax Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Rope for garden swing

Excellent product, excellent service.

16mm Flax Hemp Rope

karina Rope 30th April 2018

Excellent service: very pleased

Super fast delivery. Couldn’t be happier.

4mm Red Polypropylene Multicord – 200m reel

N Cox Polypropylene rope 4mm 30th April 2018

Ropes direct

Excellent service. Ordered the rope and it was delivered the following day. Prompt excellent service.

12mm Orange Polypropylene Rope

Joanne Young Polypropylene rope 24th April 2018

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