Useful rope knots for boaters

 Watch a seasoned sailor secure their craft to a jetty and they make the process seem simple. They fasten ropes in the blink of an eye, sometimes one-handed, and walk away from their boat knowing the craft is secure.

Knowing which knots to use is half the battle and this blog looks at popular tying techniques and knots you should learn if you want to start sailing in the future.
Mooring hitch – This is a good knot if you are trying a boat to post for a short period of time. A mooring hitch is perfect for temporary knots, once learnt it’s quick to tie and can be released simply with a swift pull on the free end.
Pile hitch – Great for tying lines to static objects such as posts. This is a simple and stable knot, just double the end of the line into a loop, wrap it around the post front to back, cross over the standing lines and slip the loop over the top of the post.
Anchor bend – As the name implies this type of knot is generally used to tie a line to an anchor. Once fastened it makes a permanent knot that’s secure and stable in all types of weather conditions.
Cleat hitch – Use this proven knot if you want to secure your boat to a dock or marina. Once you master the art of tying a cleat hitch you’ll be able to tie a secure knot in a matter of seconds. This knot is basically a figure of eight that wraps around the cleat, it’s still impressive to see it tied in action though.
Buntline hitch – Handy if you want to tie a rope to a snap or a ring. Again, this knot is simple to tie once you get the basics right and once fastened it’s very effective and reliable.
Learn more about tying knots before you set sail, it makes mooring easier and if you need to practice tying methods we have tons of rope for sale at Ropes Direct. 

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