Unusual uses of elasticated shock cord

Unusual Uses Of Elasticated shock cord

Elasticated shock cord, also known as bungee cord is an extremely dense form of rope that is sustainable even in the harshest environments. It is mostly used for trampolining, glider, marine, tent and industrial functions. However, you may be surprised to know that there are a variety of unconventional ways to use elasticated shock cord, including:

Quick car fix

Bungee cords can be used as a temporary fix for your car when it has been involved in an accident, and they are especially useful for headlights, loose bumpers, hoods, trunk lids and even car doors.

This is an extremely practical method, as bungee cords can secure the problem area until you have the time to visit a garage to resolve your car issues permanently.

bungee cords - car fix

Cost-effective exercise

Who needs expensive resistance bands, when you can use shock cords instead? They both function the same and will ensure you achieve your exercise goals as soon as possible.

You can attach makeshift handles by simply using duct tape or plastic rods and attach them to the shock cord in order to improve your grip, which will maximise your exercise regime.

bungee cords gym equipment


One of the many advantages of an elasticated shock cord is that it can protect your child in various ways. Instead of buying expensive baby-proofing products for your drawers you can simply wrap bungee cords around the handles to prevent curious hands from opening them.

You could also construct a temporary baby gate by simply using bungee cords, a piece of fabric, eye hooks and metal rings – a much thriftier option than any baby gate on the market.

elasticated shock cords

Furniture Fixer

Elasticated shock cords are perfect for patching up any small damages to your furniture. For example, you can use them to replace the base of a stool or the back of a garden chair by weaving durable bungee cords, which will last.

Bungee cords are also an ideal solution when you have two sets of curtains on one curtain rod. Having just one is not only a hassle but also does not look aesthetically pleasing, however, this can be resolved by simply using a shock cord as a second curtain rod. This makes opening your curtains an easy task and is also visually satisfying.

curtain rail shock cord

Fashion faux-pas  

You may have a favourite bag or pair of shoes that you have worn so much that they are now broken. Your first instinct may be to reluctantly throw them out, but instead, you can simply patch them up using bungee cords for a snapped bag handle or even use them as laces.

You could even create a whole new fashion trend by braiding bungee cords into a bracelet. This is the perfect personalised gift, as you can use the recipient’s favourite colours to weave your hand-made creation.

Cable solutions

There is nothing more annoying than a tangled cable. However, this can be solved with one simple trick, involving a bungee cord and a shock cord hook – the seamless cable detangler that will not break the bank.

You could also use it to distinguish different cables by wrapping them in bright coloured shock cords, which means you can never be accused of using someone else’s charger. The extra layer will also provide added protection from wire breakages.

cable solutions

Where to purchase elasticated shock cord

At RopesDirect, we offer our customers an array of high-quality shock cords in numerous colours and sizes that cater to all your DIY needs. We also provide a selection of various Rope fittings and tools, which will allow you to secure any type of rope.

For further information regarding our shock cords or any other products we provide, please contact us via email or call us on 01692 671721.

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