Jute nesting baskets

Stylish home decor – made with our rope

There’s a range of classy homeware, made with our rope, that we want to showcase here.

Janette and Paul Watson live and work from a sailing boat in Cornwall. And Janette, in particular, uses our Jute and Synthetic Hemp ropes to create these wonderful home decor products. You can find them – and more – on her website, The Lazarette.

Synthetic Hemp light pull Synthetic Hemp towel rail and toilet roll holder Jute basketJute mat

The light pull (top left) and the towel rail and toilet roll holder are made with our Synthetic Hemp.

The baskets and mat are created from Jute Cord.

Janette has studied the art of tying knots for a while now, and makes complex mathematical shapes look beautifully simple in her designs.

Janette says: “Boats means lots of ropes, although they are called anything but. Only lubbers would call it rope. As soon as the coil comes aboard it changes to lines, halyards, sheets and guys.

“We learned how to knot and splice by necessity, you need to know how to tie your boat up quickly and securely. Even something as simple as coiling a length of line so that it doesn’t kink is an important skill.”

And as a lover of all things rope and knots she’s also got a great blog on her website, including a feature on how to care for her rope products – you can read it here.




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