Spring gardening equipment

Spring gardening

All the telltale signs are there. The days are getting a little warmer, the evenings a little bit lighter. Tulips and daffodils are slowly starting to bloom.

Yep – spring is definitely here.

Which means, it’s time to venture back into the garden! March is a busy month in the gardening calendar, but the key is to plan ahead. And here we’ve rounded up just a few simple spring gardening tips to get you started.


4 spring gardening tips for the home gardener


  1. Have a spring clean

After many months of cold harsh weather, your garden is likely to be looking a little battered.

So, our no.1 spring gardening tip is to get out the rake and give it a spring clean. Start by removing fallen leaves and debris from your flower beds and borders. Pull out any weeds, and prune roses, shrubs and perennial vines – taking care to cut back dead growth and shape plants correctly.

It’s also a good idea to freshen up the soil. Replace moisture with a new top layer of compost and add a good quality fertiliser, to ensure it has all the nutrients it needs for plant health.


  1. Mow the lawn

The next step is to tidy up the lawn.

On a dry day, dig out the lawnmower from the back of the shed and make sure it’s in full working order. You may need to replace the starter cord. In which case, be sure to take a look at our online collection – here at RopesDirect. Our high-quality nylon cord is available to purchase by-the-metre, for an affordable price, and can be delivered to your home address in just a few days.

Potting shed with twine for spring gardening


  1. Stock up the potting shed

Seeds of vegetables and annuals will need to be sown indoors, approximately 6-8 weeks before they’re planted outside. So your ‘spring gardening’ session is the perfect time to get started.

Take a look inside your potting shed. Is it stocked up? If not, we have a comprehensive range of twines and strings to choose from – all of which are perfect for securing your shoots to their supports. Other essential supplies, such as potting trays and tools, can all be easily ordered online.


  1. Add a new, interesting feature

When you’re preparing your garden for spring, you may also wish to add a couple of new features; to help rejuvenate the space and give it a new lease of life. This could be something as simple as a wooden trellis or flower bed. Or something unique and fun, such as a garden swing or water feature.

Lots of wonderful ideas can be found online, particularly on Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s also worth checking out our previous blog ‘Get your garden summer-ready’. This outlines several quick and easy ways to refresh your garden using rope, such as adding a rope fence, installing some quirky ‘rope wall art’ and making synthetic hemp pots and baskets. Take a look today and, if you’d like to give one of our ideas a go, browse our online collection of rope for all the relevant materials.

Spring gardening tip to add a new rope fence

Our ‘Play is Fun!’ range also has a selection of pre-made rope swings, ladders, and climbing ropes – all of which would make an exciting new addition to your outdoor space and are bound to be a hit with the kids!

Enjoy – and do send us some photos if you use any of our rope or string to transform your garden this spring.


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