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Should I invest in wholesale jute string?

Jute string (or twine) is an absolute must-have for any wholesale supplier. It’s not as well-known as cotton, nylon or sisal – but, thanks to its useful properties, it has a wide range of practical uses. Invest in this cost-effective string for your store and it may just come become your new best-selling product.

What is jute string?

Essentially, jute string is a natural fibre that has been spun into a long, coarse thread. Jute itself is taken from the Corchorus plant – a plant that is native to India and grows all-year-round. As such, it can be produced in large quantities and is one of the most affordable fibres currently available.

The string typically comes in a natural shade of brown, but its fibres can be bleached or dyed to achieve a broad spectrum of colours. It’s soft-to-touch, flexible and has a pleasant rustic appearance. Yet, it’s also tough, durable and suitable for many applications.

What can jute string be used for?

  1. Gardening

Jute twine is a useful accessory for a gardener or landscaper. It’s a great option for fastening plants to a climber or trellis. Its strength will hold the flowers and shrubs securely in place – allowing them to grow tall and straight to their full potential – and its soft texture will prevent any damage to the stems. It can also be used to hang flower baskets and other decorative pieces around the garden.

  1. Floristry

For the same reasons outlined above, jute string is often used by florists to tie bunches of flowers together. The twine is strong enough to hold the flowers securely in place, but it causes them no harm and adds to their overall attractive appearance.

bunch of flowers tied with jute twine

  1. Arts and crafts

Jute string is popular for arts and crafts. It’s a big hit with kids and can be used to make everything from table decorations to friendship bracelets and more. Some people also like to use jute twine to create occasion banners (e.g. birthday banners) or to wrap presents, perhaps using it as a tie ribbon or to attach a gift tag.

  1. Décor

Thanks to its shabby-chic finish, jute string can be used to make a range of home décor items. For example, it can be used to decorate empty photo frames, create quirky wall art or to upcycle an old light shade or vase. The possibilities are endless, making it a popular option with creative home-owners and interior designers alike.

gifts tied with jute string

Where can I buy jute string?

If you would like to stock up on high-quality, practical jute twine for your retail store, look no further than Ropes Direct. We currently stock 200gm 3-ply natural and green jute string that is cross-wound on paper tubes. Both of these products are available for wholesale and can be bought in boxes of 25, for £36.25 +VAT.

We also have a selection of other twines and strings to choose from and, whatever your needs or preferences, there’s bound to be something that fits the bill.

So why not take a look today? Browse the full collection and, if you would like to place a wholesale order for jute string, please feel free to get in touch. Either give us a call on 01692 671721 or send an email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk.

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