Setting up a home gym without breaking the bank

 We’re often told how important it is that we stay in shape, but the cost of a gym membership and the uneasiness about running out on the street is holding you back. You have a holiday coming up. You want to look at your very best.

What do you do?

Well have you considered creating your very own home gym?

It can be done at a reasonable price and you’ll have the privacy of your home. You’ll be back in shape in no time.

Acrobatics – We’ll start with the items we sell here at Ropes Direct. Gym rings, trapezes and the rope you need to install them. They’re great fun and work your upper body strength like no other form of workout. And at competitive pricing, you won’t have to spend tons setting it all up.

Dumbbells – It wouldn’t be a gym without dumbbells in there. They’re small, reasonably cheap and as your strength improves you can increase the weight. They can be used pretty much anywhere in the home too. So if you like to work out in the living room, just take your dumbbells in there, or if you prefer your bedroom, take them there!

A stability ball – Another cheap item you can buy to work out with is the stability ball. They’re brilliant on your abdominal so if you’re looking for that toned stomach this might be your best choice. It’s not just the abdominal area that they’re great for though. They’re highly versatile, so a must for your home gym.

Skipping rope – Simple, cheap, very effective. Countless athletes use skipping ropes to get in shape. It increases lung capacity, hones reflexes and cam trim thighs. For a little more details about the advantages of skipping check out our other blog here.

The bench – Rather than buying the three different benches you’ll find in most home gyms (an incline, a flat bench and a decline bench) purchase an adjustable one. This will provide every setting you need and it can be used in pretty much every exercise. This is probably the most expensive item on the list, but it shouldn’t be left out.

See, a home gym isn’t too expensive. Providing you stick to your workout schedule, you can get a workout equal to that you’d find in a gym for less money! 

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