Rope Handrail for Metal Staircase

Thank you to Steve for his kind email copied below and for sending us these images of his stair handrail project.


I thought you might be interested to see what we did with our stair handrail in France with the 6mm rope we bought from you.

Very similar to the application I saw on your website, which prompted me to buy the rope in the first place!

It really is a great solution for unattractive metal handrails and at around £46 for 200 metres, cost-effective as well!

We did 2 flights of stairs with some left over.

Even where the metal handrail is joined by a metal block underneath, (you can see on the picture from underneath) the rope covers it really well.

Many thanks – great product!

Merry Christmas




6mm Black Yacht Rope on a 200m reel

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