Points to consider before you install a wooden tree swing

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All we ask is you take special care when you hang the swing so you have lots of fun afterwards. Think about these points before you hang the swing and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Type of tree – The species of tree is an important factor to consider before you hang a wooden swing. The strength and integrity of trees varies from one species to the next, structural properties tend to vary so picking the right tree is vital. We’ve listed the good, fairly-good and what should be avoided in a list below.
Good trees for rope swings…
1.       Oak
2.       Beech
3.       Norway Maple
4.       London Plane
5.       Hornbeam
6.       Sycamore
Acceptable trees if the branches are large and strong enough…
1.       Lime
2.       Cherry
3.       Horse Chestnut
4.       Cedar
5.       Sweet Chestnut
6.       Ash
Trees best avoided…
1.       Willow
2.       Spruce
3.       Pine
4.       Poplar
5.       Larch
6.       Fir
7.       Silver Birch
Position of tree – Establish you have a good species of tree in your garden and the next consideration to make is the position of the branches. Soft grass is ideal, hard compacted areas are best left alone, if your child falls from the swing this could result in a nasty accident. Check the ground for exposed tree roots or rocks that could cause injury too, clear anything away that could cause an injury.
Condition of tree – Perform a visual inspection of the tree before you hang a rope swing as well. Even if the tree falls within the ‘good’ category species-wise, you should still check the trunk and limbs for signs of fungus, decay, splits or anything suspicious which could indicate the branch won’t be able to support the weight of the swing.
Once you are satisfied you have a good tree, it’s in good condition and the ground below is suitable you can hang the swing in total confidence and have a quick go before the kids get home from school.
Have fun! 

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